The Actual Hobbes and Calvin

  • by matdris
  • posted Nov 19, 2007

What do you think?

Any other colors or fancy print?

Watch this

What do you think?

Any other colors or fancy print?

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Remove the rectangle.

Expand the edges and try to make it blend into the shirt more.

staffell profile pic Alumni

the shirt should be titled "Reality" and if noone get's it, then the joke isn't strong enough and therefore it won't work as a tee.

what i'm trying to say is, it doesn't work without the title.


Dude, makes perfect sense. With or without the title. That's classic imagery from C&H.


agree get rid of the rectangle. My Dad has a shirt with just line drawings of the real Calvin and Hobbes side by side. Using the comic strips art style really makes that concept better.

I did find two examples of where something similar has been done before searching the web. I'm not accusing you of copying. The styles and situations are very different.


Just FYI, while this might qualify as "fair use" or not as copyright infringement at all, if you put this up for voting, and Watterson somehow catches wind of it, Threadless will probably get a cease-and-desist letter. (And while--as others have commented--mimicking Watterson's style makes it funnier, it also makes it more likely to be infringing.)


hmmm... good things to think about. I figured that this pun was too obvious for me to be the first to go there but I didn't know of the other two.

I was unsure of the copyright info - it seems that part of the threadless extra info isn't up and running yet. I guess that I will go ahead and see what happens if I submit it for a vote. Here's hoping for no lawsuits.

As far as the rectangle, I like the reference to the comic strip shapes. Maybe I could have things spilling out beyond the square. But I do like the simplicity as well.

Thanks for the info...


Not sure about the copyright issues, but your line work is beautiful. Did you draw it all yourself? Looks like Bill could have done it. Nice.

WhitneyBeth profile pic Alumni

i think it's awesome. and i understand the joke. but i also agree that the boxy design isn't working. you really do need to loosen the edges and make it blend in, like tonteau said. it needs to look good on a shirt.


yeah. I did an ink drawing and added the colors in photoshop.
As far as leaving the box behind, any good fading suggestions... just let them image fade out or simply run beyond the box, completing lines...I can't quite picture it.

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I think if the "box" was drawn rather then just a box shape it would be better, maybe kind of skewed, or a little off alignment.. just an idea.


Good lord, who cares about the copyright issue? IF Watterston ever noticed, and IF he even cared, it would be incumbent upon him to prove that you stole his stuff... which you didn't do.

It's a non-issue.

Very nice! I love it as-is.


AMAZING idea. I like Danielle's idea for the box.

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