Belt Prints

I'm trying to gather all the belt prints that have been submitted so far.


All Eyes On U

All Over Prints


Anti Vs Good

An Endless Space Around You

Bite Me

Choose Your Star



I Heart Doddle

I Like Birds Too

Infinite Belt

Invention Of The Bulb

Jack Frost Has Lost His Mind

Lost In Space

Monster Attack

Note To Self

Pop Ups

Save The Trees Shirts

Seasons Greetings

Smile For Me

The Amazing Sea

The Breakfast Club

The Bunny Maker

The Great Animal Hunt

The Missing Piece

Tikis Tikis Everywhere

Too Much Chicken

Washroom Nightmare

Welcome To The Bug Belt


Watch this
Tonteau profile pic Alumni

I think clip artist works best. On the whole I'm really not a fan of belt prints at all.


Dinozaurz would make excellenet pj's =]
I love Washroom Nightmare though.


I don't think I would buy any of those.. Belt prints remind me always of some horrible 80's shirts.. Don't know why

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Dinosaurs is ok, remids me a little of fruit of the negativitree, which I love. But thinking about belt prints, clip artist wouldn't work. Because the material is printed on a big roll and the sequence is different on every one (they mentioned it when talking about iconoclast). So the painter would come out all over the place.


Tonteau...Do you mean cos that guy is in the picture so it wouldn't end up at the same place each time?


belt prints are not limited to repeating patterns you can do other things with an all over belt print

staffell profile pic Alumni

I hate very belt print I have seen so far. They need to be clever & cool, not gimicky!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

I really like winkelmander's insect one and Monkey's snowflake one is good too, but the others I've seen don't do anything for me.


What's Monkey's snowflake one?
Can you post a link please? =]

aled profile pic Alumni

Not really a fan of these belt prints to be honest. They look a bit like they're made out of curtains. However, they seem to be scoring really well, so I might have to get involved. Haha

staffell profile pic Alumni

that's why I don't like them aled! they're a gimmick and nothing else

jublin profile pic Alumni

though they don't all have to be patterns. they can be a great way to get a GIGANTIC one color print on a shirt. like funkie's yak express design.

eskimokiss profile pic Alumni

Add me to the growing list of non fans.
Don't know why people would want to wear pyjamas at night and during the day?!


he he. me too. obviously =]

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