Call of Duty 4

Nerd time! I want e-friends on Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Easily, the most visually stunning game ever, but no fun unless you're killing people you e-know.

If you have CoD4 on the PS3, let me know, and we'll snipe some Russians together.

edit: Now also available on XBox!

Love you x

Watch this

I have super smash brothers on gamecube.

that's basically the only game I have that's worth playing anymore.

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Haha. So would I, I was just playing to the American crowd. I've seen the films - they hate the Russians.


Infinity ward made this? They made cod2, but not cod3 and now they're back.

What do you think of the kill bonuses? I don't get how 5 kills gets you a Jet support, and 7 kills chopper support, surely Jets would do far more damage than a chopper.

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Yeah - the jets are an airstrike over an area, but the helicopter is a gun ship that actually goes from one opponent to the next picking them off if they are exposed. So sweet.


choppers are soo much more scary then airstrikes, btw it plays better on xbox 360 :D


James3FresH add me on psn if you want


Gah! get an xbox!

(i mean- we both know the ps3 is dying on it's ass)

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It's a slow start, but you're a crazy fool if you think Sony can't turn it around. Just look at the spec of the PS3 and remember that it's success is measured over a space of about 10 years, not 10 months. The games on the PS3 are probably on par with their XBox versions at the moment because they are mostly all converted from the XBox format, and few explore the real potential of the PS3. The divide in class will begin to show in 2008 - mark my words! Plus - PSNetwork is free and XBox Live isn't.

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i need to get me a ps3


I just got this game on the PC. It is awesome!


I have a PS3 and I'll be getting COD4 for Christmas! I'll bookmark this thread so we can play. :)


I got COD4 now, play someone?

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Hey my housemates have this on the xbox, I'm proper shite, but I kill on the ol guitar hero.

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Oh look. I'm on at the moment. My PSNetwork ID is fatheed66 if you want to add me.

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we're playing tonight.

i suck.

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27? you what?

xbox players must be turd

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Haha. Maybe I'm just really good.


You can be on my side, Maltz. I'll protect you.

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I play all the time! CoD4 is a blast.

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:D D:

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:D |_| D:

Johnny Baboon
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wait 27 kill streak for realz? i get 4 and i'm all excited

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Don't know about XBox yet - but there's a patch has been engineered for the PS3 that allows you to fly in multiplayer mude and it's basically killed the game.

It's the best online multiplayer ever but it sucks right now, so I hope Sony and Infinity Ward fix it.

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