Pool Table

  • by Betzman
  • posted Nov 14, 2007

This is my first sub.

Let me know what you think...


Watch this

This is my first sub.
Let me know what you think...


I really like this one but I don't know about the guy shooting pool. I think he needs detail.


I agree, a little more detail on the player would add to it a bit.

Serenity Now

I think it'd look better on a color other than blue, because the table itself is blue. I recommend green.

Serenity Now

I think it'd look better on a color other than blue, because the table itself is blue. I recommend green.

Serenity Now

I fail at posting comments.
Clever design, though!! :)

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I like the nondescript blue guy. it puts him in a different realm. To me he could be fate, he could be God, he could be a hyperdimensional being, or the wind itself. Very well done.


put it on black or grey
Love this!


wow, an original pun!



It's perfect.
The player/ shooter shouldn't steal the picture, so he should not be changed.
Great pun - I'd buy it as it is...


i thought this was glennz before i looked at the account name


I like the low detail large figure and I agree with the bright green shirt idea. I adore the beach balls :)


i dunno if someones already said this, but I dont think it even needs the player. just the pool table is effective by itself


an original pun?


It is a great idea but for some odd reason it looks unfinished. A few touch-ups and it would be perfect!


very original! awesome!


awesome ala GLENNZ--just a little more work on the execution


Different colours but really good design. 5$


Thanks guys! I love all of these comments/suggestions!
Keep 'em coming!


Fantastic concept, it's just that the guy... I dunno, he'd be better off being a black silhouette or something. 5$ anywhos.


i would suggest getting rid of the shooter altogether, and just focus on making everything that is going on in the "pool" look really awesome.


I like the design, but not the guy shooting pool. If he's in there, make him look better.


I think this is a really cool idea but the guy kind of looks like he's part of the water. Give him detail but not too much, and don't give him a face, leave it blank. I think if you give him a face it'll divert the attention from the idea of the shirt. So guy needs detail, but not enough to deter your focus. I really
love the idea though.


Clever! 4


i think it looks better on the other color.
but i love this anyway.
its so creative.


remove the non-descript blue humanoid and it would be an easily recognizable and funny pun


Very nice ;) ! 5+

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Well, there goes my idea for this! lol. Way to get to it first and do such a friggin splendid job of laying out the pool table and people in such a way that it is quite deceptive at first glance. The only thing this needs to have changed is filling in the pool player and make him more realistic to balance out the ridiculousness of the inside of the pool, and to center and shrink this baby, and this has 5$ written all over it for me. I love the idea and most of the illo so much, i'm gonna put a 5$ assuming some changes would be made if this goes to the printing presses.


Change the color of the guy shooting pool, I agree he shouldn't steal the picture, but he blends in too much with the water.


Very good idea just change the color of the t-shirt and i buy it


What if the pool shooter was standing back from the table, hand on one hip, resting the cue on the floor, like he's going "how am I supposed to play pool with all this going on?"


This is your first sub? Very nice. Clever idea.

As for the colours... maybe change the background, it's too much blue right now. And make the "real" guy the colour of the current background. If that makes sense.


i love the pun, but would either recolor the player or remove him totally. sweet design.

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doesn't need the pool player imo


Good job Betzman....But the blue guy shouldn't be bothering the people in the "pool"... i'd buy it without the blue guy!


Woo! Visual pun!


This is a great idea, but it would need a lot more attention to detail in the artwork before I'd buy it.

Jedi Master

I Love your design, it is so amazing I hope you win! :-)


nice idea and illustration. i think you need some details for the pool player, and it would be a perfect 5!


Thanks to everyone for your comments and votes!
look out for my next sub in a few days... "The Lockness Monster"

thanks again!


I know the scoring is over but I just had to say that I love this design. I would buy it with or without the blue guy. He kind of reminds us of the actual meaning of pool table, as in a table on which to play the game of pool. Then again, the table itself is obviously a pool table, so maybe the guy is unnecessary. Like I said, either way, I'd buy it. Can't wait to see "The Lockness Monster"!! :D Good job Betzman!

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