THREADSPOTTING (11/12): Turkalicious!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Nov 12, 2007

Firstly, yes, you'll all get some points for your cat pictures on the last Threadspotting blog provided the pic has both a threadless shirt and a (real) cat!!

Secondly, everyone and their grandmother emailed me about Funkalicious in the newest episode of Scrubs! If you sent over a pic, you'll get some points! I'm like king stp this fine Monday. How was the episode? Heard it was better than most lately. On with the show!

Rose emailed us about November issue of Blond Magazine, a German publication, website here! This pic is from the section where they feature portraits of interesting people and Kalle, 28, "musiker," looks pretty darn interesting in King Me Mask. Says Kalle (in his caption), "Ich habe ihn noch nie besiegt weil er einfach viel, viel hinterlistiger ist, als ich es bin." Anyone?

Elado sent us this pic from November's Game Informer magazine. The guy in the pic that is not Tony Hawk is sporting one of my personal faves, Decay. He's also rocking out in the bottom right pic as well! I'd tell you his name but look, he's hiding his name tag! Don't be shy!

Lastly, Chris sent us this image from an episode of London Ink! Apparently the person sporting Sexy Pack is a rocket scientist! Awesome!

Do you have a Threadless tattoo? Does someone you know have a Threadless tattoo? Post some pix in the comments and get some stp's, ok? Personally, I've always wanted to get Motovino across my back. It's just so darn classy.

Watch this
staffell profile pic Alumni

how about FITA tattoos???!


Woooot !

aled profile pic Alumni

I got this done because I missed the 1st ed, and couldn't wait for a reprint. Non, je ne regrette rien.


good gawwwwwwwwddddddd. :/

jess4002 profile pic Alumni



that was exactly what i needed today, fatheed. hilarious.


Well our dear Kalle is a musician and I have not the slightest idea what he's talking about... But

"Ich habe ihn noch nie besiegt weil er einfach viel, viel hinterlistiger ist, als ich es bin."

translates into

"I have never defeated him because he's much much deceitful than I am."


Uh, where's the edit button... I wanted to post

"I have never defeated him because he's so much more deceitful than I am."



Excuse the old, grainy camera phone pic, but I have this tattoo.


That's the fifth ass-crack I've seen today.

the golden spatula

haha - Kalle!
the interesting people where asked how they defeat their inner temptation and dear Kalle - wasn't ever able.
nicht-jens - good translation!



was your ass crack really needed in that pic? the tattoo doesn't even go down that far! hahah!


i remember watching that episode or scrubsand totally freaking out and thinking that i should email or something.
and then i put it out of my mind until i saw this week's threadspotting (1-28) and remembered.
and then i cried for two hours.


A bit late in the day I know, but the last photo., the clip form London Ink. That'd be me. I keep meaning to send some photos of me in my various t-shirts but never got around to it. Does this count?

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