• by magpiex
  • posted Nov 12, 2007

wraps around so the girl is more on the back/side.

Watch this

wraps around so the girl is more on the back/side.


this would be cuter if it didn't look like they were naked
so maybe some clothes?


Is there a reason they're naked? It's kind of like they're cute little kids but then he nudity kind of ruins it.


nude kids , piercing, talking about love???


How come the girl only has like three fingers on her left hand? I get that you are trying to make it look like her other fingers are covering the remainsing two but you need to work on your perspective and foreshortening otherwise she's a three fingered lefty....i vote on the clothes to and maybe a face if you don't want to draw a literal face you can elude to a face with a little shadow play with it


p.s. if the boy has a nose the girl needs a nose...remember to be consistent


i like the no face thing, but clothes would be nice.


ive already worked on and added clothes. i think more at this point, ill take all this advice and resubmit again later on down the road. keep us the criticism. i get more feedback through this than the critique posts x_x


why are they melting?


I feel that the girl looks a wee-bit manly. Also, I can't ever explain it, but I don't like thin, black vector strokes.

I think with the proper changes this could look fantastic. :)


it's an "okay" design...however, i think it would be better if they were children, not scene kids with stretched ears and shaggy coifs.


what's the point of making them naked? Why is the girl's left hand so huge, manly and disproportionate? Why doesn't the girl have a nose, if the boy does, and why don't they have faces in the first place? Why does the guy have a gauged earring? Why are they dripping away?

Consider every aspect of an illustration, not for your own benefit in what you feel and want to see, but what other poeple are going to see. We see what you give us, and if you give us things that don't mesh, we're going to try to figure out why.

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This reminds me of the 3,000 Gmail "connect" subs with a similiar concept...including one i collabed on! lol.


is that the guy from blink 182?


The girl's hand looks like it's somebody else's, covering her mouth. Maybe moving it a little closer to her other arm might help :)


Why...why are they naked?


love the concept, but agree with the above. Although I do like the faceless...Just aim for consistency and refinement. And maybe clothes?


for some reason this reminds me of the Incubus song Summer Romance....he also looks like the singer. good idea though


yeah i'd def like it better if they werent naked

but cute concept


cute concept

they could use a trip to threadless

wouldn't you say?

Clare Nesmith

Please don't make them scene kids. At all.

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