girls have chests

i would totally buy this, if only it sat a little lower on the front! do any other girls feel uncomfortable having designs like right on top but not across the chest? guys are so lucky.

Watch this

The bottom line of this print going right across the girls is very akward, I agree MCG.

Placement on boobs can be tricky. For example, I had to return Haiku are easy but.... because the middle line of text wrapped around my boobs too far to the point that i would have to SPIN to have the shirt read.

Other shirts I love so much that I get over the boob-factor and decide to not care if my chest distorts the image.


Oh... and i just noticed the boob placement of "Fathom Farewell" which adds an interesting effect too..... the boat is floating along right at the midpoint of the chest.... and the line to the scuba man plunges right off the boobs. Thats interesting, almost humorous placement.


You should have thought of that before you decided to be a girl

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I agree, it's a problem, and this design seems even more absurdly high than normal. I did a whole blog about this (and a poll) ages ago, here.

I have a few tees that I've set aside for crafting purposes, mainly because the designs were placed way too high.

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(And I've also learned my lesson about buying tees with high designs - i.e., I don't!)


lol well i guess now is one of the few times i'm glad to have been blessed with small boobies =)

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Looks better resting at the top than right my eyes anyway, and I mean, these are the types of eyes that have been and are going to be looking in that area, so obviously I have some expertise.


I was just about to purchase this (hurrah for purple shirts!), but then I read your blog and realized that it really is placed WAY too high, and would look terrible on me. Not only would the bottom part be stretched, but the design itself would sit most uncomfortably above my 'shelf'. Boo. :(


thats why I've started going for bigger designs...cuz its kinda awkward having to swivel around while people stare at my boobular areas

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I'm firmly against designs covering a woman's boobs.

Hell, I'm firmly against anything covering a woman's boobs.

I'm firmly behind boobs all things boob-related.

...and in front of firm boobs.



It's a good excuse for guys who like to look at girl's racks? HAH.



Lol, I don't mind at all. they're just looking at the design.

Young Everest

I'm getting mixed messages here. Are you girls complaining about designs sitting above the boobs or when the design is actually on the boobs? I'm hearing complaints for both.


Because the submitter is 17.53 years old, I will keep my mouth closed for another .47 years.

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is this really that big an issue with t-shirt designs? how about a design that covered everything BUT the boob (chest? breast? whatever)?
maybe a week of shitty weather has me in a pissy mood, but
1) get over yourself, not every guy is going to stare at your chest given the slightest reason to do so.
2) i lied. we may. and considering most guys can figure out what type of underwear you're wearing under jeans, having your boobs surrounded by neon lights and trumpet playing cherubs or covered up by a baggy sweater makes no difference. boob looking may or may not occur. we can't help it.
3) are their really that many girls out their with breasts large enough to warp a design enough that it has to be treated like sculpture in the round?
4) i seriously didn't realize girls wanted attention as far away from their boobs as possible. years of going to bars, clubs, and out in the general public had me convinced otherwise.
don't mean to sound like a jackass, i just think y'all are being too self concious about something you shouldn't be.


Gosh, It's totally too true !
I agree.


KBAUTHUS: I think you have the wrong idea here. The problem with these tees is not that it draws attention to our chests, but that the fact that we have curves in an area where men are flat tends to distort the designs that are placed atop them.

This is okay for some designs, but for designs such as "I Hate Sushi", I've got the slug crawling off my left boob into my armpit. And that makes my tee a bit less cool :(


Same thing for the haiku shirt... boobies make the text really hard to read.



Totally agreed, that's why I'm looking for shirts with bigger designs or different placement of designs rather than designs that sit just above the boobage... it's a bit odd.


You're right, I really liked this one but its way too high!


Agreed I loved it when I saw the design and even gave it $5 due to placement I don't think I will get it... such a pity.

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