• by vbarnhart
  • posted Nov 06, 2007

should I pursue this?...got inspired listening to Adam Duritz.

Watch this
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should I pursue this?...got inspired listening to Adam Duritz.

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I like it. Next you should do "I wish I was a girl" ;)

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hey, already got a start on it....I'm going to need some reference photos from you mark!


i love the crows... you should deffinetly work on this... at real potential.. go for it...


this is great....keep going!!

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cool...good enough for me....
I'll have another version soon. Ya'll rock and stuff


oh and if this doesn't materialize into shirt i think i could convince my wife it would look good on our wall... i which case i'd buy a print or something...

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I added quite a bit more detail...
any thoughts on shirt color and such?


muted tones.... slate blue, olive or mossy green.... I'd inverse it and have the lines in white (especially on a darker shirt)... nice work, great illustration!

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I like it...keep it earthy...want to throw a pop of color somewhere---and maybe the rest subdued...I said dude. Thanks bsweber!

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yeah, was leaning that way...


wow, this looks amazing! can't wait to see the finished product!

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yeah i'd say keep it muted. but that's just me, i like muted.

i'm working on a sub with branches coming out of a guy's head too, hahah.


this is badass man, i can't wait to give it $5


i personally think a few splashes of colour would be great. i say eyes leaves ( the little ones) and mushrooms!!! mmm mushrooms.... or maybe rain. nah not rain. this is a great drawing you have skills man! skills. my 5$ is waiting patiently in my back pocket .


i think it needs color or some shading


I love this SOOOO much. I want to buy it, but....I want the color like this:

i hope you don't mind. i didn't think I would ever just alter someone elses art without asking (but you ARE in critique..maybe that makes it ok) but I REALLY like this and want it subbed and printed! So I can wear it!!!

In the link you will see a version I did of your pic with an overlay layer on top of it (hooray photoshop!) and I think it does AMAZING things to this picture.

You are a great artist, I love this, I really do. (can you tell?)


I was sloppy, but it is just to give you an idea, it really makes me happy, the color makes him come to life.

lets see if this works (i'm gonna try some html here...


alas...no html-worky here...sigh...


i actually like your color lovemyshirts but i'd like to see what vbarnhart comes up with


Wow nice coloring lovemyshirts, feel free to edit my stuff for me any time lol. vbarnhart, i think the color works, maybe not so much but the design is great


would like to see some colour please!


Wow you've got some skills there. Lovesmyshirts you did a good job coloring. Don't put this design on a white shirt, maybe brown or olive green or something. I dont like white shirts lol


i may be the only one, but i like it without the color, and just the pencil line feel.


oh this is such a beautiful illustration...I do hope you are working on the color version...and I really hope you didn't mind me doing a quickie version fo the color.
I've got this on my watch list, because I want to follow this design (colored) right to my mail box -- I want to wear it!!!!


to tell the truth.......I would still probably buy it if you keep it b&w, hughman is right too--it is quite beautiful with the simple pencil lines (although, I would clear up the smudges some...)

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ha...wow....that's some critique! Thanks lovemyshirts. This gives me some great stuff to finish up with!!
Thanks all for the great comments and ideas.


This needs boobs. Then it's a go.


Slick pencil work.


It's the pic of destiny...


This looks like it's going to be great and humbling when coloured.

Someone should offer you a job producing concept art for the Hobbit movie.

Well in.


Thia really is awesome. I agree with the earth/somber tones comments - blacks, greys, with a tiny hint of a strongly contrasting color on the eyes of the bird, the beetle or the pupil of the Rain King, maybe


I'd like to see it on a natural white/beige colored shirt with a rich reddish brown (like henna) ink. I do like the idea of a few small areas of color too. Not much though! Gorgeous, by the way!!


GORGEOUS drawing. WOW!

I definitely agree with the votes for muted tones on a light, earthy color, but is it weird that I also think it would look good in white ink on a navy or dark brown shirt?

Ooo... I also like averna13's idea for a henna color, though I'm not sure I would put it on white.

Lovemyshirts' coloring IS nice, but I prefer a more monochromatic scheme with this design, with (like the artist said) a pop of color somewhere. Some of the somberness is taken away by the color, and to me it doesn't work as well.

But seriously... GORGEOUS work! Dom_1 is right about the hobbit movie! :)


hey what ever happen to this bad boy

Le Dobermann

its great!! gorgeous! now if you could color it :D


bring it back... this makes me sad... it need some water color effect and to be subbed and then i'd jizz in my pants

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