• by Sukanya
  • posted Nov 03, 2007

I was accused by no less than 5 people at school that I was promoting gun violence with this t-shirt. One of them also said, in the wake of school shootings, this was in poor taste. Initially I thought they were attempting to be funny, but when I realized that wasn't the case, it got a little freaky!

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you're still in school?


You should have looked them square in the eyes and said " give me yer fuckin' nuts "


Yeah I am a frigging Ph.D. student. That's bad enough. To top it people have to take offense to my clothing.

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That must've been really annoying.

People are nuts!


Tell them they are promoting physical violence by making you punch them for being stupid.

hey_barn profile pic Alumni

"in the wake of school shootings, this was in poor taste."

Man, where do you live where squirrels are responsible for school shootings!!! That is some hardcore rodent problem!?!

Seriously, people need to lighten up. If anything, humour is going to be the only thing that keeps us sane in this messed up world (imho ofc).

Now, hand over your stash of NUTS!!!


People are freaks. There is no accounting for what freaks will be offended about. Fuck them.


I just bought "Pillow fight", I am hoping that won't spark any debate. I'll definitely get violent then.


I'm actually thinkg about getting this shirt and I did think of recent school shhotings. I want to get it just to see if any administrators would give me trouble for it.

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