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What food do we have in Canada that you don't have in the U.S.?

  • Smarties

  • Mars chocolate bars

  • Oh Henry chocolate bars

  • ketchup chips

Anything else?

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waht's a sodalicious?

it has a cool name because it's like "soda" and "delicious" and "so delicious" and also "soda-licious" so it works on liek seven levels

that's a lot of levels.



we have like hard candies that are flavored like root beer or orange crush.


We had something like that. I think they were gummy.

I'll have to check next time I'm in the grocery store for the chicken noodle soup. We have a bunch of weird shapes, but I don't think I've ever seen crocodiles.


we have those little waxed shaped bottles that have syrupy goodness inside, i hadn't had one since i was a kid, so not what i remembered. nasty nasty...


she sent me a HUGE box of goodies from cananananada!

my favorite goody foody were the clodhoppers!


I'm from Canada but live in the US now. I recently discovered that Meijer carries Aero bars in the international aisle in the British section. SCORE! They've always been my favourite chocolate bar. Now, if only they'd have Coffee Crisp, Smarties and Oh Henry, I'd be a very happy gal.


!!! Ooh, thanks for that!

whisper in water

Thank yoouuu Nate! I was searching for the blog but I had no idea what the title was and so I failed a bunch of times and then gave up.

Such is my life.

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