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Wanna keep updating this with what's on and what's been sold so far?


From 31 Oct - 16th Nov:

Up to Snakes & Ladders Guy XL 11/15/07 @ 5:32p

Girl S -----------100
Girl M ----------37
Girl L -------------25
Girl XL ---------117

Guy S -------------35
Guy M ------------25
Guy L ------------46
Guy XL ---------72
Guy XXL -------63

Thanks to Disillusioned's Lovesthreadless log!

Previous shirts:

Ambition Killed The Cat - Guys XXL
Royal Intrigued Series 1 - Girly M
Burnout - Guys XXL
Threadless - Guys XXL
You Sank My Battleship - Girly XXL
Anacaona - Girly S
Urban Camoflauge - Girly XL
The Future Is Feeling - Girls L
My Rules - Girly S
Derby of the Damned - (maybe a Guys or Girly XL)
Where the Watermelons Grow again - (either XL or XXL Guys)
Homework Evidence - Girly S
Till Death Do Us Part - Girly L (?)
Flowers In The Attic - ?
Snakes & Ladders - Girly S
Haikus Are Easy - Girly S
Viking Bird - Guys XXL (or XL)
Garden of Failure - Guys S
Nineteen-Seventy-Five - Guys S
Missed - Girly XL
Bored - Girly XL
Transfarmers - Girls XL
Make Me A Sandwich - Girly L
Where The Watermelons Grow - Guys M
Nuts - ?
My Favorite Pattern - Guys XXL
Medusa - Girly S

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what did you get?


oooooh, congrats on your purchase!


What? What shirt did you get Maltz? Damn, that's gonna drive me crazy... I'm sure I'm being real blonde, but in my defence it's late and I'm tired. :(

In other news, did someone get a 12 month subscription through thriftee? Cos if so, that's fanfuckingtasticawesome. I didn't even know you could do that!

Or is that what you scored, Maltz? If so - I'm so jealous!! prays for one to come up in girly S/M

I wonder if that's a glitch in the system... I'd've expected Threadless to have fixed it so it wouldn't do that! $200 worth of tees for $10? THAT's a good deal! Or maybe it only sends out the current 12 month shirt? No, it can't do, cos they only print a specific number, don't they? I dunno. Either way, that fucking ROCKS.

eagle eyes on thriftees

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

No-Arms McSneakers?

Phyntosia, I wonder if you can change the size and well, sex of 12 Month subscription Thriftee once you've won it.


lol@Krakaboom... well... they say in the FAQs that you can! I assume you probably have to deal with the next month's shirt in that size, but afterwards you could probably change the size and (maybe) the gender... after all, girls do wear guys' shirts, and vice versa, so why not?


gaaaaaaaah so many selects and never the right size


Rebirth of Venus! Miiiiine... all miiiiine.

I need someone else to give STPs to :( Even though my purchases are few and far between, I do make the occasional one and it makes me sad not to have anyone to STP.

Hmm. Anyone?


Also, alexia and straw8erry - thanks for the advice! The tee fits my sister fine. :) (Except she asked if I could get it in another colour instead... grrrrr.)


what size did you end up getting?

Oh and you can always stp maltz ; )


I got a large, and cut the size tag off so my sister never needs to know ;) Why Maltz? I've no objection, but why?


oh cause I just got a gift card from him : ) you can check out the maltz coupon blog


Oh how nice :) that's cool then


gahh! I missed on Freeloader in my size! Stupid middle of the night thriftee!


yay phyn im happy the sizing worked out peachy.
whats everyone getting in this sale??
i dont really have a big wish list right now


Me neither... I'm thinking about Renaissance... that's pretty much it! None of the new tees really entice me. I have too many tees now as it is, I need to get out of my strictly jeans/tee wardrobe!

What are you getting?


hey guys, I miss the thriftee blog : (
My sister got renaissance, she loves it, it's her first Threadless T. So I didn't buy it for myself, not that we live close to eachother or anything, it just seemed weird.
I feel like I have enough tees so I don't pick them up unless I really, really love them. Now I'm starting to buy for my three kiddos since they've grown out of most of their T-shirts from last year.
For my daughters I got my 2 yr old 99 luftballons so we can match, I got myself and my 5 yr old Quack! and I also got her Incredible Circus. I didn't get anything for my son this time but I think he'd love the animal wordsearch or Sat morning cartoons.
He really wants me to get him the Soap reprint but I'm mean and not allowing him to wear a shirt with "rub me on your butt" on it. Other parents already think we're odd. He also wants Adorable disaster, but alas, if he's not allowed to draw guns or army guys in class he probably can't wear kittens batting around a grenade.


i caved and got "to err is human, to arr is pirate" and "death's sweet seduction". i hadnt bought any shirts in around 4 months and i was starting to feel empty.
speaking of, i miss this blog too! last exam block it was here like a nice security blanket i could procrastinate on, and now this exam block i find myself doing buffy trivia on facebook. its not the same.
and straw8erry, mother and daughter matching threadless tees is the most awesome thing i have ever heard


it was crazy adorable : ) the baby was wearing 99 luftballons and already stained it! augh. luckily I didn't buy the hoodsies just the $10 T. I'll post mother-daughter pics after tomorrow.


i want cute pics straw8erry!

and yay! i just got 'i do what you do' as a thriftee! at 27 normally, its a tee ive always liked but would never have bought. i feel all canny


2 mother/baby pics are up on my profile but I didn't like how the 99 luftballons one turned out so I'll try again another day

we were rushed for time and she wasn't cooperating.

Krakaboom profile pic Alumni

I can't believe you just bumped this old thing!

But yes, they were, weren't they?!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

why the lolz


I never got a Thriftee. I think Randy used to beat me to all the cool Guys S's..... :P


hi randy. i think you know why

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