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HA HA HA HA HA! Wait... WHAT?! 4?


i like the design, great illustration... but pedophilia?

zipperking profile pic Alumni

I love the illustration, but I gotta say it's a little disturbing.

ladykat profile pic Alumni

Haha! Oh!

And kayse, I think you're just projecting.


if you were going to do a topless child - would suggest a boy

or put a top on the girl

but the overall concept it good


WEIRD. I think I'd wear it. It almost looks like a really bizarre, perverted band shirt. For Ween or Primus or something. obviously not a print but $4 anyways.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

only thing missing is a boy in bed who "spilled juice" on his sheets.


great illustration but I can't score it high because of the unwearable factor. Body excretions and little girl nipples.


fuck all of you prudes. You make me want to vomit.


prudes make me wanna go toilet....or is that prunes?

phoebe man

use your talent for something not as disgusting


hej.. i guess i'm not prude in any way. but if you say smbdy is prude because he finds pedophilia disturbing.... you got some serious problems...

sonmi profile pic Alumni

bahah i didn't notice she was peeing at first

i'm not disturbed by this, because i don't really see it as a child? i mean, it'd pretty stylized. girls can be boobless. the character isn't really posed in a sexual way, in any case.

i like your style


that's kinda... ummm weird.
sorry, sometimes strange things attract me, but I don't want a drawing of a 6 year old girl peeing herself and saying "oops"


nice style, humorous


The artwork itself is great, the subject matter, on the other hand, is strange (and not in a good way).

A topless girl peeing her panties, a farting pig and a pooping bird? I just can't imagine wearing this.


no one has mentioned the most shocking part... the pig is apparently projectile farting (sharting, if you will) what looks to be two flies out of his anus.


Dude, once you pair half-naked children and scatological humor, I draw the line.


I wouldn't buy it, but the pedophelia comments are so off base.


umm.... a top on the girl please.... but for now... $3


The basic elements of this design would make a really sweet shirt, but the urine, fart + flies, and bird poop really detract from the designer's ability.

There are many places where a little girl would not wear a top, or any suit at all, and not cause comment, but in the United States, little girls lose that freedom after age 2 or 3. The Threadless community seems to be very international, but I'm not sure a topless little girl could get printed (cf Disney's bowdlerization of the Little Mermaid).

I'd like to see this re-worked; the style and colors are lovely.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

minus the bodily wastes, it's no less risque than the Coppertone Girl.


"...it's no less risque than the Coppertone Girl."

I don't know about that. This girl is wearing a urine-stained mini g-string that barely covers her little girl parts, which is a far cry from the fairly sanitized, innocent-looking backside of the Coppertone Girl.


I've gotta say, if I saw someone wear this shirt, I'd be a little suspicious of them.


its real cool. LOVE the artwork.. just the idea sucks.


Subject matter is everything. The design style is cool, but only a creep would walk around in public wearing a shirt involving feces, defacating animals, and sexualized, almost naked little girls.


Even a creep should have a certain Creep code of ethics.


This shirt is made even funnier by all the people creeped out by it. I love how it's so cute and wrong at the same time. I don't know if I'd actually wear it in public, mind you, but I think it's fabulous.


It is cute, in a vulgar, toilet humor sort of way.


Everyone focuses on the girl, but the bird is pooping and the pig is farting.



Yeah, I thought fart jokes and such stopped being funny after grammar school.


the artwork is great but the entire thing is just... shudders

0Jim0 profile pic Alumni

that just made me feel unclean..... I'm going to rock in the corner...


i don't like this design at all


I love a good argument as many people on this site can testify to but I don't want to do that here and give this too much kudos, suffice to say I really, really dislike this.

horizontal vertigo

i think this ones just meant to annoy people
or possibly win an award for the design with the worse taste ever
if that was your mission we salute u
and do something wth better taste nxt u've got a good style, use it for something that wont get the FBI or watever lookin at ur hard drive.


I just noticed that the designer, Lavínia Carvalho, is a female. Which makes this even more disgusting and unattractive, for some reason.

sonmi profile pic Alumni

geewally, you sure seem dedicated to this submission.

why would being female make this even more disgusting? i see a bigger problem with you coming to that conclusion than the submission itself.


It makes it more disgusting because you'd think a woman would have a little more decency and couth. What happened to the Women's Lib advocates screaming about the denegration of respect towards women and the objectification of the female body? The only women I know who enjoy a laugh over scatological humor and bodily functions are drunk slobs in bars who attract nobody. It's very unladylike.

And who cares what you see.


Good for you.

vice virtue

hahahaha at ehrady's comment.

the girl on that one sunscreen brand bottle doesn't have a top on, but the difference is that she's not showing her upper half unlike this girl.

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