November Was A Good Month

  • by mildish
  • posted Oct 27, 2007

Well I guess it turns out that October was actually a better month for me... that's when I got my first Threadless print. Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone who voted and gave feedback on this design. I've had the germ of a 'library check-out card' concept floating around in my notebooks for years... I'm glad I finally found the place to use it. Thanks everyone!

Watch this

you're welcome!
and i love the idea!
sometimes i think of submitting ideas,
but then i see awesome ideas like this and think
why didn't i think of that!
haha, namean.


Love the idea, found art is crazy cool... I was just curious, I thought one of the rules was no photographs? Im totally glad your idea got made, cause it's stellar. I was just wondering if that was maybe not a photo or maybe how you got around the rule?

Awesome design.


You are the bees knees.

The Slapster

Cool shirt! Got one just in time for my Wife's birthday. Yup - it's in November! :D


November was a good month..
cause it was my birthdaaayyy =]]
love the shirt


As a librarian I love it. I got one for another friend who is also a librarian. So cute!!!


I want it. I hope it gets reprinted.


You have no idea how excited librarians are about this shirt! The American Library Association even plugged it in their monthly newsletter. REPRINT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE reprint this t-shirt! Another plug from a librarian, here. We love any book related t-shirts!!!! Reprint, reprint, reprint...


One more vote from one more librarian-to-be (Goddess willing!), and please reprint in the new LARGER SIZES you've added! Big women have more to look at!


Please please please reprint this shirt! Girly XL. Must have this shirt.


Swiss librarians love this t-shirt, I have one and wear it as often as possible. So can you PLEASE reprint it? If you do so, my colleagues and me will buy many many copies!!! REPRINT! Swiss librarians really look forward to wear it!

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