four-handed love monster

  • by medialuna
  • posted Oct 25, 2007

my first submit! hope you enjoy it!

Watch this

my first submit! hope you enjoy it!

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sorry but you've got: 0


wow really similar, but not bad =)


well, imo it's only the little guys on the background that are similar, so I don't have a big problem with that. And you could argue that the cloud loks like something someone else has done here, too but I think the overall design is original enough.

and it's cool on a shirt, so yeah 4$ !


This is a very popular style. I've seen characters like these, rendered like this on the cover of practically every computer arts type magazine this year.

That doesn't make this a bad design at all, infact anyone thinking they 'own' this style is muchos mistaken.

It's very accessible, and fun, all in all a good tee design.

hagit hash
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this is way similar i afraid (the back ghosts),
i know it's a popular style but i thing in this case it's too much...




similar but i prefer this one to the tea party. good stuff!


well, i´ve talked with gal, the creator of the "tea party" tee, I dont know if he understood me, but I could change the ghosts, I dont have a problem with that, I think its just a little part in the design.

But unlucky for me, I cant change the design here in threadless :(

I dont want that some ghosts in the back to have more importance than the overall design

sorry if someone feels like i "stole" something, it wasnt my intention!



are the thumbs supposed to be on the wrong way?


well, its a monster! :D

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okay teh little ghosties look similar .. soo what .. theyre not the same exact ones and teh designs are completely different so whats the big deal .. sheesh this is a fun design and I hope people will judge it on its own merit not teh opinions of what some others think

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I'm totally with Anushka on this one.

This is a cute design!


very cute indeed. who cares if the ghosts are similar...i like 'em

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Are you guys fucking kidding?! Sure the ghosts look a bit similar, but as for the design itself being similar as a whole. It's completely not you loons!

The illustration style does look similar to a few other Threadless designers', but I'm pretty sure they didn't invent it either.

I actually think it would look better without the ghosty things.

As a whole, it's not really my kind of thing, but nicely done. 3

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And how else would you render gaseous ghosts using this particular style?


i think you should get rid of the nipple face thing, then i'd buy it.


It's not much like tea party, except that they both have ghosts that look like they came from Foster's home for imaginary friends. I like the monster.


you wrote it's a male (nan(男)); why not a female (nu(女))?


Its too hairy for a female, dont you think? :)


Those nipples are too much for me to look at. Dig your style though. Can't wait to see more designs!!!!



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Eh, I've seen so many ghosts that look like that. Pre-dating Tea Party. Shapes are similar (but not the same), finger extensions are similar (again, not the same), faces and feeling are different. I'm not comfortable calling it plagiarism unless we also call out Tea Party for being similar to all those other sources. I think there's plenty of graffiti in this vein, at the very least.

Great color palette, I'd wear this in a second.


is anyone else seeing the "cloud" and the "ghosts" as some representation of sperm from the "four-handed love monster"? .... you can really busy with 4 hands!




It is not the fact that the style has been done before, but moreso that the position of the arms and the upside-down droplets or "flames" are almost identical. I've seen plenty of ghosts done in this style, but frankly, none with the position and "flames" so identical. I mean, those are pretty unique flourishes on Tea Party, and to see something so closely mimicking it leads me to subscribe to the "accidental ripoff" party.

I say accidental because it is something every artist does once in a while. They draw something they love, but after promoting it to a few friends, discover that not only has it been done before, your mind subconsciously copied it, even if it was not intentional.

I would say change the ghosts to something at least slightly more unique and you have my $, but until then I can't endorse this.


cool! $5


The smiling cloud makes me giggle. But the first thing I saw was the 男 otoko (man)... seeing "man" suddenly made the ghosts seem much more spermy. It just seems kind random, like he's all, "I'MA MAAAN! HEEAAARRT! I'LL EAT YOU WITH MY TWO TEETH" or something. But... but why the "man" on the forehead? Why not "love" or something?


Tight design, I liked Tea Party, so I like this design as well, 4$.


Is he giving the SHOCKER OR THE STUNNER?


This tee really scares me!


I love it, yes it's a popular style and the ghosts are shockingly too similar..........but I personally like it better then the tea party one.


Keep the designs coming!!!!

horizontal vertigo

i looked at the other design and i agree that they look similar [jeez this getting like a bit of a boring subject] but on the whole completely different style and feel, any way i love this design, if this is you're first sub, i can't wait for the rest! maybe critique yours works to get rid of these problems

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