Hmmm, Nuts!

  • by hey_barn
  • posted Oct 17, 2007

Thanks all for the continuing purchase of “Nuts!” – the squirrels salute you! From the original grey we’ve now seen it reprinted several times including in yellow and now red + as a very cool Hoodie. It’s been ripped off quite a few times as well which makes me laugh considering the concept was from a pen doodle on a Post-it note by the phone!

I’ve seen fake low quality jpeg prints of it during my travels along Khao San Road in Bangkok (LOL very random!?) and spotted someone wearing it whilst out on a stag do in Las Vegas. Very big buzz. More designs coming soon. Cheers Threadless.

Barn Bocock :-]

Watch this

Sucks about the rip-offs!

An excellent design, the yellow version was my first threadless buy! Worn it so much in the past year and a half that its nearly falling apart. Keep up the great work Barn!


I love it,

a real favourite. Always make me feel cheerful when I wear my grey one.

Toodle pip!


Will you do yellow or grey again? I have the red Tee, but I'd buy another one :)


Yea, sucks about the rip-offs. I have a gray one, and would buy another one in that, or another low-key color. Navy maybe?

The red and yellow aren't doing anything for me.


Hi. i was wondering if you can help me. since this design was drawn and than scanned and than submitted, i need help submitting because i don't know how to do all the complicated requirements. if you could help me on how do i clean up my design and make it the format they want. please please please please. thankyou

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The hi-res scan I had of this was 1600 by 950 and 300dpi (way more than enough tbh!) and worked on in Photoshop. I'll go to point form as it's easier:

1) Saturation dropped to -100 then cleaned the image of any marks/random dots and got the white page clear & bright whilst the pencil black/grey linework as dark and black as possible. This was a combination of using Brightness/Contrast & Layers with other filters like Multiply & Soft Light. I very often use a Layer with Unsharp Mask 25%-50% so that was probably done too.

2) Can't remember exactly (it was years ago), but I think using a Duplicate Layer I applied a Photocopy filter and then filtered it over the original linework until I was happy with the lines and darkness (dropping the Opacity if needed). Little pixel touch-ups along the way.

3) Save For Web of the image as 4 Colors GIF - black, white & a couple of grey tones left in the linework.

4) Brought the sharp .gif image into Photoshop, Select All and a Copy into my working file. Because it was crisp pixel I could select the background space with the Magic wand tool (non Anti-aliased) and colour with any flat block fill eg grey, red, yellow.

5) Voila! Sat back and had a beer.

Hope this is of some help? Best way is to keep experimenting with an image of your own to see the different effects & results you can get. Often many ways to reach the same end :-)

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I believe it's all above board with Defunker - have asked before :-)


I bought this a few months ago.. it rocks! And I've also seen someone with a rip-off.. Yours is best!!


I have the red version and I love it.

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It's really cool that people still like it. My aim for this year is another new design to be printed. Rock on!


I saw this shirt (or a knock-off of it) being worn by the character Ethan on the CBC program jPod, in the last episode, "Colony Collapse Disorder".


great design, but why is it so small...


your design has actually been done before
its an old far side

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Well, it wasn't copied from any The Far Side, but then I can only be taken at my word I guess? Post a link to the picture so I can see the similarities, that would be cool - I'm really curious. No one else or Threadless has had any doubts for the 4 years it's been sold and viewed...


Boo!! I missed out!!!! :o( and my friend and I have a long running jokes about squirell's so this would have been perfect to send to her as a surprise!

Ambrose Chapel

Yay squirrels!
Nice design...
I'm a big fan of those furry little woodland creatures known as squirrels. :)


Ha ha, I bought one of the cheap rip-off versions on the Kho San road that you mentioned! Sorry, I didn't know, honest! My friend also bought the communist party t-shirt that's on threadless so I guess some cheeky bugger is using threadless as "inspiration" for some designs in Thailand.

T shirt piracy tut tut....


i hope it gets reprinted in navy.

i heart navy.

i heart squirrels.


reprint pls! :)

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Damn, these two squirrels are doing me proud! Time to replace my very old grey Nuts! tee ;-)

Asilem Sivad

I love this shirt! I will buy two, one for me, one to give, in anything but grey. Red is fantastic...Navy would be great. Any chance of future reprints in another color? Hope so.

Asilem Sivad

Love it! Want to buy two but in any color but grey! Pls again? maybe navy? Squirrels and me, we're real tight! Gotta have it!

mr cokes

Miss out last time on the red. Any chance of a re-print? Keep up the good work!!


I may be a master of the obvious, but since no one else has mentioned it, am I wrong about this shirt...

"Gimme That Nut"

... ?

If that's what was meant, well done. Otherwise...


I love this design! I am lucky enough to have purchased it in both red and gray, not only for me, but friends as well (yes I am that in love with it!). But please could we get another option in the hoodie besides gold? Please please please!

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RE: "Gimme That Nut"

It could be interpreted several ways:

Squirrel with the nut, about to lose the nut, says “Nuts!” (as in “Damn, I’m going to lose my nut!”).

Squirrel with the pistol, demanding the nut, says “Nuts!” (as in “Stand and deliver! Give me all your nuts!”).

It could also be an all encompassing overview commenting of the craziness of the scenario ie it’s completely “Nuts!” that a squirrel has acquired and trained himself with a rodent sized handgun into a life of crime…


Bought one in Camden Lock in London not too long ago, its a blue t-shirt with the outline in white, there was quite a few versions of it there. Only saw it on the front page of here today and was like hold crap!


Love this Tee in red ... got it as a gift for a friend! It's dearly loved :), I missed out on getting myself one though.
I hope this reprints in RED again ;)

Teff Teff

I have to say that I love this top sooo much!!. I have worn it quite a few times since I bought it in December '09, with which I've have received quite a lot of funny comments whilst wearing it!!. You could say that the top it's self has become a conversation starter on it's own. LOL!!. ^_^


I got this shirt in Thailand in Sept '08...the only difference? The squirrel with the gun is saying, "Please?"

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