• by Haasbroek
  • posted Oct 14, 2007

Watch this

$5 diff placement though maybe?


aw haha thats so cute

maybe smaller bubble and the whole thing moved up higher


stupid jokes can be funny. this one isnt bad.


i love this!
never would have thought of it but i'd wear it!


pretty funny


I think the wrong wheel's complaining. If it was a back wheel, you could get rid of it and make a bike. But the front is essential, unless you make one of those segways.


I immediately thought the same thing as squatterjohn. That, making the speech bubble smaller, and doing some kerning on the text.


I like the design as is. Maybe bigger, and on a different color shirt.


i like your kind of humour, but many of your designs feel more like comics rather than tshirts. i can only speak for myself, but i wouldn't wear your designs as is even though i find them funny. i don't know what to suggest, but i feel they need to somehow take the next step from just a funny comic to being a good tshirt design.

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The first thing i thought was that the front wheel is not the third wheel as well. While the ones in the back form a pair, one wheel in the front and one in the back would work better than two in the back unless you are popping wheelies everywhere you go. Third wheel by definition means the unnecessary component. I dunno, the whole joke lacks the logic to really strike me as funny. I think it's a good idea, but it has to be done another way to make sense that the third wheel is saying that. Nice renditioning of a bike tho.


$5 Great! I love it. I think people tend to over analyze. It's a tricycle. It has three wheels. If you take any of the wheels out it won't function. It's not the third wheel in terms of being unnecessary, but rather the wheel that's not part of the pair.


Super cute. I'd like it better if the tricycle took up more space and the bubble took up less. I'd definitely wear it then. Or even no speech bubble, whichever works.


i think i'd just like it with the tricycle only.. whould wouldn't want a shirt with just a lovely tricycle on it?


i love love love the style of the writing. and the art and everything. :D 5


some people just don't get it. and that's ok. keep on. 5.

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