Icarus Gets Shot Down

The orange is bright fluorescent.

Watch this

The orange is bright fluorescent.


I think the falling icarus is awesome, i'd drop the sun+rays and just go off of that.

Dr. Czar

i like this, however i would change the blue to a light gray


like the icarus with the ashes burning away but the figure in the sun... not so much. i think the colors are alright but do something a little more with the rays. maybe less japan-rising-sun looking?

i'd appreciate some feedback myself if anyone has time, right here.

Spaceman Spiff

I feel like the woman in the sun, despite being the center, and being important and powerful and whatnot, looks too... righteous. She looks like an angel or the virgin mary or some such... maybe that's where your going with it, but I'd like to see her in more a vengeful or authoritative kind of look. Gives more high light to the act of shooting one down. As it is, it looks more like an afterthought... Good luck, you have a good thing going so far

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