Emergency measures

Always be prepared..

Watch this

I like the simplicity and the lettering. I'd say keep it on white to stick with the "Help Sign" feel of things, anything else would come out as too stylized.


Dentarthurdent! "so this is it: we're going to die."


Makes me think of the Hitchhiker's Guide. For that alone, I would buy it.

I agree with Dhammond- keep it on white.


i think if you kept the design with a white background, then id prefer a coloured shirt


i think its like the in case of emgency break glass and maybe that u copied that. i think that would be bad for the designer if u copied.


Heh he. I'm a nurse and if we ever have anyone die, the first thing we ever say to the relatives is " would you like a cup of tea ? ". Tea, especially if you live in the U.K is a holistic band aid in a cup. $4


YES. I'm engaged to a Brit, and this is perfect.


omg I have to have this... HAVE TOO. please do not print it on yellow, I hate when that happens... asphalt would be superb :)


lol.That´s original shit.


cool shirt but whats up with the shadow?

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