Poor Taste

  • by esc0524
  • posted Jun 09, 2005

Not the least bit cool. Can't believe this was printed.

Watch this
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Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

It makes me laugh. But then again, so does family guy.


yo' shut yo' face, foo!


Because A T shirt will cause somebody to commit murder.....



Lighten up. Have a laugh.


This is just awesome, it makes me want to knife everybody in the street. I'm sure if it'd had a rifle, I'd be sniping some sad pedestrians, I'm so easily influenced, yet I blame the society.

Springfish profile pic Alumni

I'm stabbing my girlfriend right now! IT'S AWESOME!!! Whoooohooooo, look at the blood fly.

Where's your god now?


It's a goodie. I'd never wear it, but if I did see someone else wearing it.. I would smile, an d ask them if they stab people more often now that they own this shirt.


Its a less direct approach at comedy, but it does satirize and I believe that was the artist's intention. If you do not like it, just don't buy it, right? Let those who do happen to like it, express themselves in that manner.


Compared to other shirts being worn and other shirts on other sites- this shirt is funny and fine.


it might be one of those shirts that 'society' looks down upon, but you have to admit it's hilarious.

besides, it's not the only shirt that could be looked at negatively. flowers in the attic?-i have it, i love it, plenty of people think i am going to go around killing people now that they've seen me wearing it. the ifc contest? those are all bloody and violent- you don't see people complaining.

and if anyone actually goes out stabbing people because of a shirt, you would have to question the person's mental stability.

Ash Sammy

This's gotta be the least selling T on Threadless ever.
There are plenty of amusingly innocent exposures on Ts on threadless, but well, this isn't what I want my children (when I have some) to see me wear, and so I wish to all other children.
"Put me in your enemies" cannot be any colder, even Kingfish threatened me when my blog aquired 40 comments, so controversal that some thought "I am the criminal".

Springfish profile pic Alumni

Ash-hole Sammy (aka Mayor of Simpleton) if you think me saying "I hope Stabby visits you real soon" is threatening, you're a bigger puss than I originally thought.

And again, you refuse to respond to my questions regarding the types of shoes and clothes you wear. Knowing perfectly well probably everything you have has probably been manufactured in sweat shops over seas. Why not direct your worthless energy in a direction that matters instead of getting all bent about a t-shirt that has NOTHING to do with stabbing kids.

I'm sure you're a very lonely guy. I feel sorry for you.

mezo profile pic Alumni

GODDAMMIT, Springfish!
Stop stabbing me.
You're staining the couch, for chrissakes.

Springfish profile pic Alumni

I can't help it!!! A t-shirt told me to do it!

I'm going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to protest and destroy all art that I disagree with. Then I'm going to Blockbuster and burning all the horror movies I can get my hands on. Maybe I'll even drive to Maine and protest in Stephen King's front yard. That way the world we be the way I WANT it. After all, I have all the time in world to get upset constantly.


Springfish, I think I love you.

Continue with the hilarity.

Best. Blog. Ever. Except for the last Stabby blog.


This shirt promotes violence?

How about Flowers in the Attic? That promotes suicide.
How about The Life of a Decadent Designer? That promotes smoking.
How about Medio Victim? That promotes violence just as well as this shirt.
Doin' My Best? Yeah, that promotes violence.
Blame It On Your T.V.? See above.
Mourning Girl? I see a gun. Violence.
Nuts!? Yep, violence.
Ray GUNS? Promotes guns.
Deer? Promotes guns.
Ctrl+Z? Promotes violence in car crashes.

Has anyone complained about any of those shirts? Nah. So to say that Stabby McKnife promotes violence and is horrible influences for the Threadless community is totally inane and irrelevant.

This is a sweet-ass shirt!

Springfish profile pic Alumni

My penis promotes sex. But I'm not about to start bitching about it. Nope, no WAY am I cutting that baby off. Maybe I'll just go burn some bibles…after all, there's TONS of violence in there.

I'd kill myself if I had to over anaylize everything that I didn't love. But instead, I have this little trick I call "tolerance." Say with with me you simple minded a-holes: T O L E R A N C E. It's good stuff.

Springfish profile pic Alumni

oh, bluecow, I love you too. ;)


help i've been stabbed!


hahahaahahahahaha, This shirt is great and id buy it for my kids if i had any. I just dont understand why people get so het up about things.. but then again just last night i saw a news article on fat americans fighting at the side of a childrens football (soccer) game because their kiddies got pushed over, no doubt to survive and sue.

Im glad that most of you seem to be nothing like the reactionary irrational american stereotype than we would otherwise believe. Then again, i do want to destroy all humans.

Springfish profile pic Alumni

I'll join you in your human destruction. We can pray to Bender the human destroying God.

"Hey sexy momma, wanna kill all humans?" ;)


How about next time theres just a design with a penis on and the moniker esco524


Much more subtle than a penis saying hey kids stick me in your enemies.

Chill out people before i get lots of angry comments, it was an intentionally inflammatory remark


now we need a shanking shirt! spoons, sticks, shoes,hairnets and soup can all become weapons of mass destruction
esco, you must me red in face. this is a website favoured by young people, and young people like STABBING! are you surprised that very few people agree with your anti-stab politics?


I agree that this shirt is in poor taste. I mean, I took a bite out of it and it tasted kind of bland-cottony. Maybe I should have used condoments.


I don't think this shirt is in poor taste, but I do think it's only Mildly Amusing. 'Flowers in the Attic', 'Sad Psycho' and 'Death by Music' are not only in poor taste, but ugly shirts to boot. I think people who wear that shirt are trying to prove something.


The knife looks like a shark. And stabbing aside, the shirt is just lame.


It could be worse. It could say "stick me in your girlfriend."

I personally like it. I think it's funny.


dudes, stick the knife in your moms temple. i'll fuck the empty whole.


do something productive with your talents and create good, not agression.

sorry but, this shirt is horrible.


i hope your mom slips on her hip and cracks it. i can only ejaculate when i re-break pelvis bones. so here's hopin!

ps. fuck you


Personally, I don't think it's that bad.
Everyone needs to take a chill pill.

There is no "E" in AWFUL.


i find it rather adorible. i have opinions too, but i feel this shirt catches the eye, and that's what designing is about.


I wouldn't wear this shirt it is not really my style but FUCKING HELL the blogs for this Shirt are teh Hilarious.


guh. and to think, the last time i bought a knife i forgot to get one with legs andadvice. :*(

Ash Sammy

Springfish, I wear Nike shoes, and I have about 12 Everlast Ts (1-Boxing is a sport not a criminal activity, 2-I am not interested in it, just the cut of the T), and one Everlast pair of pants. But what do you understand by "manufactured overseas"? To me, you are overseas, but you see, out of open-mindedness I put no value for that because I rather not limit my thought and live in denial that I can find better value in the meaning of human existance and life, and it really doesn't matter where anything has been manufactured, because everything human can manufacture is only a modification of nature, and all over earth there are human who can achieve equality in this arrangement, where equality is an attribute of quality.

> Springfish, at 9:36am on Jun 10, 2005
>I'd kill myself if I had to over anaylize everything that I >didn't love. But instead, I have this little trick I >call "tolerance." Say with with me you simple minded a->holes: T O L E R A N C E. It's good stuff.

Regarding your little last comment, I do really have no friends because I am so picky, and wherever I throw my hand I pick people like you, actually I knew so many people like you, but they were taking so much of me with their emptiness I discovered that I am not obliged to fill, so I threw them all away, but I can't let go and think how can someone grow up from being a child, to someone who smokes, drinks and complains about the results of his own irresponsibility, and ask favors and false respect through empty needy jokes.
Now away from your successfully-unsuccessful T, and closer to my interest in psychology of human behavior and criminal tendencies, that after watching your video, I ask: Were you dropped as an infant or something??? (in other words "wtf?")
so F*** YOU, here is the truth and I just threw it in your face, so now you can use your "little trick called T O L E R A N C E" which I call "D E N I A L", now you can continue living in denial thinking you are the "complex-minded" (though you mentioned you don't over-analyse) and we are the "simple-minded a-holes".


I hope you are the enemy of someone who owns this shirt.


why doesnt Ash-hole just shut up before he digs a hole he cant get out of, Nevermind...too late.

Serioulsy though, shut up!


Sadly plunging lower on a downward spiral this thread is. If I had a Stabby I'd do the honourable thing and commit Seppuku to cleanse this shame.

Springfish profile pic Alumni

Ash Sammy, nice attempt at making sense. You should give up on psychology and learn some basic grammer and English. Your sentences run on with next to no grounding or point.

When I refer to "overseas" I mean sweat shops.

I wasn't dropped as an infant, but I did suffer many head injuries from all the smiling knife stabbing I've been doing. You wouldn't think it, but my victims sometimes fight back.

My video…is nothing more than a late night with some friends. Good times.

I hope this satisfies your curiousity pertaining to my mind and life. If not, I'll be happy to send you a semi monthly newsletter filled with info.

Oh yeah, one last thing. You should of been swallowed. Good day! ;)


haha. this is the funniest thread on threadless.


go to hell senor uptight.


I don't like this t-shirt! In my opinion, it should live with the rest of the cack on tshirthell. I haven't bought it.

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

Maybe I read too much into it, but I see it as a commentary on consumerism. Is half the stuff that's marketed to kids any less obnoxious? I mean Camel did have an ad campaign to snatch children right? How many kids own GTA?

travis76 profile pic Alumni

who wears these shirts?

17 to 30+ year olds.

is it a threat to innocent children? or will it give someone- who maybe hadn't thought of the idea to stab someone- the motivation to do so?
nope. no more than tose new-fangled gameboxstation video games or that
confounded hippity-hop music does.
okay, bad metaphor. gangster rap does more to promote and glorify violence than it does to merely storytell or make an example of it...
but i digress..
i wouldn't buy this shirt for a few reasons, but cartoon violence is not any of them.


Fox should ban Itchy & Scratchy from The Simpsons.

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

This shirts funny because it's true.

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