The Cliche Tattoo Shirt

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I like the idea a lot, but not the negative label for the lower back.


But that is what it is called....and its tue.


I was working on a similar idea, but I like what you did way better than mine.


You forgot Iconic band name


Agreed with varmouth about the lower back tat

mezo profile pic Alumni

Tramp stamp! I also like to call it an Ass Stache. Funny idea, but I wish the image looked more like tattoo flash. Use more colors and shading styles. Push the art further. 3


i like it SOOOO much
but i'm afraid i would piss off too many of my dumb friends who might actually have the tatts
i've never seen the back tattoo named that way
and i love it
so true


I'm ashamed of myself... but $5.


I am a tattoo artist and we all call it the tramp stamp, or ass hat. Ass stache is funny! I'll have to remember that one. I toyed with alot of different colors, but in the end I decided on a uniform "old school" color scheme, kinda playing up the whole "You picked #44 too?!" feeling.

The Ringleader

I love it. :D
Though, someone with those sorts of tattoos may come up to me and hurt me. I'll take that chance. $5


love the concept. good execution. 10! i mean $5

Band Geek

Oh come on, it's called a tramp stamp. It's not -that- offensive. Just... true.


Hahaha, awesome!


Maybe put the wings and the tramp stamp on the back of the shirt in appropriate locations!


i have all of them.. in my right hand..


i have all of them.. in my right hand..

abeadle profile pic Alumni



we call 'em tramp stamps, too. Or goal post tats....

The idea of having the tattoos placed where they would actually be is a pretty good...arm band on the arm, etc. But I don't know how threadless deals with all over printing. It would turn the shirt into a $5 to me, but I get that the shirt is meant to look like the flash sheets.

What about deformed cartoon characters? I'm sure those people will be real proud of those in...well 5 mins. I'm waiting for the day some idiot tries to sue his tattoo artist when he sobers up and says the artist should have stopped him.


thats the same typeface thats on the uncle johns bathroom reader plunges into history... just fyi


They are offended because they have it ;) My roomie is a tattooist and would loveee this.


leave it as tramp stamp... it's so true.


sigh I thought the wings on the back were cool.....


oh and who doesn't call a lower back tattoo a tramp stamp?? my friend has one and she does, don't be ashamed!


Tramp stamps are called ass antlers (Arschgeweih) in German...

Aristarchus profile pic Alumni

What, no swallows?!


lol @ anyone offended by "tramp stamp"


don't forget the popeye anchor!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Where's "mom"? lol. I like the idea, but i'd like this more on a poster than a tee. Funny idea tho, and I love that you included the tramp stamp, which is the name it is known as in every state i have traveled and talked about it.

My friend and i thought it would be funny if a girl got a tramp stamp that said either "you like hittin' that shit, dontcha?" or the ever more terrifying "Guess what? I have an STD!" which the dude would see half-way through the love-making session. ironic tramp stamps would be better than the real things at least!


lose the tramp stamp. no need to denigrate any women while attempting a clever shirt.

to mas

Tramp Stamp=$5


i LOOOOOVE this shirt. it's so true. all of it, even the tramp stamp. it's got worse nicknames than that. but yes, appeal to the masses and rename it lower back tribal or something. i also agree with FRICKINAWESOME.... you definitely need the "Mom" tat on there. Other than that... $5


althought i don't find the "tramp stamp" offensive (everyone knows that's what they are called)... you could easily passify those people by taking off the "tags". i think the shirt could work without them...although i like it the way it is. only other suggestion is to take out the bar code for another classic like "mom" etc


tramp stamp. ha, I love it.


Anyone who finds "tramp stamp" offensive, probably has one.

I love this. 5!

Miss Haha

I have a tramp stamp, but I'm not offended. (although, at the time when I got it, I didn't know that's what they are called)
Tramp stampers be proud! $5


i love this sooo much you missing a swallow though, cuz those swallow birds are very very lame and popular


You don't have to be a woman to be a tramp!
Calling it anything else would be pure politically correct fiction.


love it... these are all tattoos that are on the walls & peeps who want a tat. point at w/o much thought... so we should laugh at them... tramp stamp should stay... it's what they are... my sis got one & we gave her hell before & after she got it


Absolutely love it. $5 for sure


Great idea and nicely done

Electric Puppy

Leave tramp stamp for sure, that gives the t an extra point in my book.


Tramp stamp ftw! 5$ You know how people with those foreign language character tattoos think they're wearing the symbol for "good luck" or something, but they can't read the language and neither can the tattooist probably, so it really could say anything. Maybe you could find out the Chinese character for dickhead or something.


i think the text that EXPLAINS that it's the trashy really kills the shirt. i mean, the concept is alright, but what would be best about it would be putting all the trashy tattoos on a shirt and not explaining that their trashy... then you have people coming up to you and commenting on how they like the tattoos on your shirt- it's more effective that way.

could it get printed with the tribal armbands ON the sleeves?

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