TINYMEAT FIGHTO!/VS wallets are GO! (full update!)

FIGHTO!/VS available in the TINYMEAT FIGHTO! STORE!!!!:

the inspiration:

1 By Andrew Bargeron (gimetzco/roboticoctopus) and Josh Agerstrand (impossible josh)

2 By Spires and Viralvisual

3 by Zach Trover and Mike Laughead

4 by Priscilla Wilson and Philip Tseng

5 by Joe Carr (Isaboa) and Ryan Berkley

6 by Gimetzco and Donald Hello

7 by Josh Agerstrand and Nick Gazin

8 by AJ Mohacsy and Simon Noynay

shoot an email to michael@tinymeat.com or me: gimetzco@gmail.com with your portfolio links if you are interested in contributing.

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wow, those are kickass! I hope some will still be around when mine gives out.


are all of those by you and josh?

Raid71 profile pic Alumni

I've nearly finished my Vs wallet..
will drop you an email about the regular ones

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

nope just this one:

and i have the top left corner one with eth ecryptid dance party

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

Raid, who are you designing against on your wallet?


Thanks for posting this! I just bought a wallet and check book cover. Amazing stuff.

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

aww well we want you to buy the VS line which will be posted later tonight!!!!!! and uh yeh buy more of whatever yo...awesome!

spacesick 2

holy shit! those are already printed? did jubs and I miss the boat?

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

there will be mo' yo! it's cool, these are the debut wallets is all.

Monkey III
Monkey III profile pic Alumni

Looks great Andrew & Tinymeat!

Mine will have to wait till octobre...
And the one I'm gonna do with nesk is also scheduled for next month. I'm still in the same situation as a month ago -- the peeps at Tinymeat already know about it.


These are so awesome!

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

these are cool

you are speaking a different language in the description

but very very cool

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i just read the other blag and now I get it -

I wanna do a FIGHTO wallet!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Like, a Street Fighter game with all these amazing characters as the people you'd fight with? Thread Fighter. This would be the best cast of characters to punch and kick people with this side of Clayfighter.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

cool, i'd love to find more out about this stuff:)



renfrue profile pic Alumni

viralVISUAL on Sep 26 '07 at 8:08pm
I would loves a ISA wallet

me too!

Luke... profile pic Alumni

groovy art guys...i have been meaning to do something for tinymeat for a long time now.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


i like the texture that the inside of the wallet gives to the art, too.

jstumpenhorst profile pic Alumni

man! i wish i would have tried to get in on this!! these looks great! there are more awesome ones that i'm seeing pop up on flickr too! great job be everyone!


holy claire danes!

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

I'm working on it too! The goal is to have it done by the end of this weekend. I haven't told Phil that yet, but I'm sure he knows deep down in his heart.

Jared, I think you can still sign up. I know ste7en was looking for multiple partners. That slut.

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

Question: Does anybody know how payment works? Will we get a free wallet of our design when it's made?

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

Mikey (tinymeat™) here,
Can't wait to see Priscilla and Phil's finished Fighto! #4. It's gonna be sweet.
Here's how payment works.
We tally sales at the end of the month and send out commission via PayPal.
Every artist gets 6 complimentary wallets of their design.
I know a guy here in PDX who is looking to battle with his "Kenny" character.
Check it out

Viva la Tiny!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

oh dang. kenny has a scary rainbow attack. i love it.

impossibleoctopus profile pic Alumni

Mikey again.
It's his Rainbow Prism and Ryan said he's gonna have it shoot around the wallet and explode on the interior. I'm still not sure what Kenny is though.

spacesick 2

I'm working on it, joker!

are you?

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

oh, yeah, if people need a partner and think their style would work well with one of mine (painted, vector...whatever) just send me an e-mail (its in my profile) and maybe we can collab...and by collab I mean have sex...if you are a girl....

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