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If Zoolander were a designer-slash-model!

This is very very funny, think my favourite quote is either "I don't make motion graphics, I make e-motion graphics ... because they move people"


"Sometimes I wonder... Is my work beautiful because I’m beautiful? Or... or am I beautiful because my work is beautiful?"

Watch this

man those girls are fucking hot.

aled profile pic Alumni

Hahaha. That's funny. But what the hell is it all about?

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

Can't watch some flash movies in work :(

Neon Samurai

Wow, are they conceited much?


i love conceit!

aled profile pic Alumni

I don't think they're a bonafide design firm, Neon

ben hanbury

It's not a real agency, just a very well made spoof parodying poncy design firms!

Neon Samurai

Kinda figured that (why does no one get my humour)

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