Good for Girls?

  • by eyedewtwo
  • posted Sep 17, 2007

I just pointed out to one of my female friends that, while this design is really cool, it might not work out very well for ladies who are well-endowed. Could this be a potential downfall for such a cool design?

Watch this

Most shirts with the design on the chest run into that problem- This one though, yeah- I'd like to see what it looks like on a girl-- Has anyone posted yet?


Yeah, I love the design but I don't think it would look good if the design was in the wrong place. I'm hoping some pictures of girls with bigger boobs will appear soon so I can decide whether to buy this or not.


Ack! I didn't think of that... may be this shirt isn't such a good idea for me.


LOL, and here was I just thinking how nice it was to see a shirt in the same colour for everyone... oh well.

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havechanged on Sep 17 '07 at 9:05pm
'd like to see what it looks like on a girl-- Has anyone posted yet?

girls kill me with every tee on this site, someone has this complaint. Look, here's what guys know about girls: you have boobs. And we like them. That's about all we know for sure. So i think guys and other girls will figure this design out even if it's a bit mis-shapen by the glands in front of your chest.

End scene.


FA, I know it's annoying to see pretty much every shirt being blown off with "OMG THE DESIGN IS ON MY BOOOOOBS", but I think in cases of shirts that are meant to be showing your bones or internal organs, they really DO look bad/weird on top of curves.


It appears to be a little high on the shirt anyway, even on the men's. The curved rib should come around under the armpit.


I'm not sure about this shirt but I have a real problem with a lot of shirts, especially text shirts as part of the design always gets lost under my boobs. It gets really annoying having to pull my shirt straight so people can look at it.
Oh to be a boy...


I like the implication that this shirt isn't good for girls, when there's a picture of a girl wearing the shirt in the product pic, and she looks good.

I think what people mean is, it's not good for girls with big boobs?

Anyway - it's really a problem with ALL chest-centred t-shirt designs, and this one couldn't really go anywhere else on the body.

Don't worry though girl - fat boys have the same problem.


It's times like this I'm glad I don't have big boobs.

a for incredible

an easy way to solve the problem of giant mammary glands?

get a bigger shirt.


I better not get this one, then. Shit.


I thought it was against the constitution to wear shirts if you are well endowed.


thus why porn stars don't wear t shirts.


a little late, but for those of you worried that boobs will put the image in the wrong spot... don't worry. the image is in the wrong spot already. that top piece in the middle is the top of the sternum. it starts where that little divot is under your neck, where your collar bones connect. anyway, i'm not knocking the shirt. i like it a lot :). i just think it's sad to see people not want it because their boobs will distort where it "should" be.

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