Food Fight

Watch this

color it! then 5$


Color doesn't work. Too many brown food items makes the actual colored ones look out of place.

Different backgrounds are possible, but I'm set on monochromatic for the design.


I think there needs to be more interaction between the food.
Like more pieces of food being thrown about, some look happy and as if they're dancing.


on another coulor would have my money


I think its funny...try pink! I love pink...I would so buy this.


I think color would work! All the veggies are colorful and the food pyramid is colorful...


i like it monochrome. Could be darker though.
It that stoned Brie talked to the chicken leg with a knife?


I love this concept- but where are the knives and forks and all the other cutlery the food could be fighting with?


its a god idea but try tweaking the colors and maybe play with some different backgrounds.


wtf, pepper flakes would never be in the food pyramid

all killuh no filluh

Werd, colors would be wonderful.

Maybe some injured food laying around? (:


I dunno, I like it without colors.


Love the idea of 'food' fight....but not the triangle. If you were to re -design without the triangle and add some color 5$ for sure.

music lover

works for me...............

music lover

especially the bacon with the "umbrella drink" at the top

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monochrome looks good


love the bacon. needs color. there could be more humor here... potato being sliced into chips for example, or some twinkies climbing on the outside with ropes for an ambush attack... It's a great concept with a lot of potential.


HAHA! I love it!!! The potato and the salt and peppers made me laugh out loud! Like what pointyfaced said, it would be fun to have something on the outside. Maybe some sort of food pickaxing its way up to a higher bracket? This is hilarious. I'd love to see a revision.

I disagree with isuckatart. If you get rid of the triangle it won't be as funny.


Mwwwwah! Love 'em!


Could it be more...less brown?
I just doesn't catch my eye.
It's still a pretty good shirt, though, but the bland color makes me like it less.


omg thats beautiful. I hope they don't make it though, i'd have to skip meals to have enough money for it :P

5$. I love the style and the colors do look great.


I dig the design and the idea too. Great shirt. I would look at some color too but I understand that it would get kinda hairy once colors were introduced. Great job.


great idea! needs more color pop. The characters trump the passive colors though. funny! 5

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