• by Bragino
  • posted Sep 15, 2007

This design started out as a submission to the Josh Ritter contest for his album "The Animal Years".....Josh had this to say about his album..........

"I was thinking back on the period of my life leading up to this record and my experience up to that point was, you get up, you start to play music and you tour. It's such a strange life style. In a lot of ways I felt like I became this thing, half-man, half-animal, out in the middle of the country, playing. It was so bizarre. Everyone else is living their lives and doing things that are bit more normal … I became the proto-hunter-gatherer, going out wherever and doing stuff and trying to find a way to make sense in a human way. I think back on that time and feel definitely, those were my animal years." Josh Ritter

I really related to what he said. I drew from my personal experience as an artist building my career to come up with this image. I love drawing trees and I also play guitar and write music so the subject was close to my heart. The entire image was hand drawn using a Wacom tablet and Photoshop on my Mac.

Serenade was selected out of the Josh Ritter contest to win one of the general entry contests which was great. I want to publicly thank everyone who bought this shirt and everyone who will. It means a great deal to me that you enjoy this image. Did I happen to mention that "I Love Threadless"?

Well It's true.....Thanks Threadless........

Watch this

why is this shirt retired???

its super nice


I just noticed that, too. Retired and still in stock. Weird.

Bragino profile pic Alumni

Thanks for chiming in on this design being put on the retired list. I contacted Threadless and it was a database mistake that they weren't aware of either. It should be removed from the retired list now and back into the normal catagory of shirts.......


hey ik its been a while, but i've wanted this shirt for a long time and i see its still not been reprinted. just wondering if its getting any requests at all, and if its slightly likely to be reprinted. thanks



i like this shirt, and i was just wondering
why are his fingernails so long?


@numbb The fingernails are so long because of the description that Josh Ritter wrote about his experience playing on the road...

"It's such a strange life style. In a lot of ways I felt like I became this thing, half-man, half-animal, out in the middle of the country, playing."

If you check out the description above that I wrote about making this shirt you'll get a better idea of how the imagery came to be..

Glad you like the shirt.. Pete

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