fisticuffs cake

Watch this

Pink only? Drats.

I'm not sure how I like the text's position and style. Maybe it needs to be angrier looking? Or possibly frosted?


Haha, cute but pink isn't my colour personally. Maybe a light blue?


i think this is cute :)
but yeah, maybe other colours?
light blue, light green?


of. Not a. Although I know people pronounce it "a", so maybe "wanna piece o' me?"

I dunno.


haha. i like it. but phyntosia is right about the grammar. and more colors would be awesome. other than that, great! $4


"wanna piece o' me?" wouldn't sound right

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I agree with orwell, I went through all the ways to write the phrase and decided that "wanna piece a me" sounded the best! its just a silly little violent cake.


I think this is brillant and funny...i love it


i want really. ps everyone else needs to realize it is a fu*king cake....he probably didnt go to school. chill.


thanks guys!!!! :) and you are correct Steenas, the cake did not go to school!


i think it should be called piece of cake


Dam that is totally wicked !! Ashley Cakes you r really clever. I can't believe the cake is so anger and wants to fight.
Why is fisticuffs so angry??


in answer to varix's question................he is angry because he is going to be cut up and eaten!! usually this is a cakes dream come true, but somewhere in the mixing and baking process something mutated and fisticuffs started thinking for himself.... he came to the conclusion that being cut up and eaten wasn't really the be all and end all, that maybe there was something else out there for him, something bigger!! hey! he could try and get on the Martha Stewart Living cover!!........ any other dream cake jobs you can think of, he could do them!


your my hero ashleycakes...


I think it could do without the text all together, it kind of cheapens the design. But I think it could stand alone and people would still get it! Maybe it could be fighting a fork or something. I really like how the cake is drawn though!!!!


Oh ashleycakes, you yummy little taste of brillance.

I love the cake, I do not want to fight him, but I do want to eat him, so I am at a crossroads as it were.

I think it is perfect, pink and cake go together. I love it!!



Like the concept but the words can be better.


funny design that allows for all kinds of interpretation

the text's appearance could be improved


Good grammar, " 'o me" would sound irish or something. Maybe a change in text though? Otherwise, funny!


Don't like the text.
The cake should be bigger.


Since when is a piece of cake not a piece of cake, what kind of parallel universe is this?

Nice shirt anyways, but things are never going to be the same.


the text can be taken off


super cute don't dig the pink... baby blue much better

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