Raven Vs Dove

For the Alumni Vs Barons Smackdown! Evil vs Good!

Long Live the Barons!

Close-Up! !

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wullagaru profile pic Alumni

I liek teh hints of red here very nice


really good, disturbing...but good!


do the chickens have large talons?

haha, couldnt resist...i love the red talons, great symmetry and contrast

grayehound profile pic Alumni

i can't get over how gorgeous the interaction between positive/negative and detail/no detail is in this design. very nicely done "silver"

The Black Baron

yeah - put us all to shame silver - i want this shirt so very bad -
I mean really - who wouldn't want a shirt with a crow owning a dove -

Montro profile pic Alumni

This is simply bad ass. $5

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

looks great on the night who says NEEEEEEEEEEE


I hope the dove wins!


'The raven himself is hoarse / That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan / Under my battlements.' - Lady Macbeth

I'ma Shakespeare nerd, of course I'll find the relevance somewhere.

Loving on this.

The Gold Baron

Yep, only "bad ass" can describe this shirt $5


this shirt is so... evil

you just put the smack down!



yeah the raven looks really cool, well done, but i'm feelin' bad that's he's killin' a dove....but then again, doves aren't killers so what could you do?!

dacat profile pic Alumni

I would wear this shirt every day $5

The Ultraviolet Baron

stupid doves always getting in my way dirty dirty little bastard kill him raven kill him....

it's very good ol buddy

five dollar sign


I only just now saw the red eye. Nice touch.

Bramish profile pic Alumni

Great work.


This is so amazingly awesome. $5. If this is printed I will immediately buy it even if that means driving to Chicago and slapping fifteen bucks down on the counter, that's how awesome it is.

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

i would get a 12 month subscription for this -


I don't like the style but the message is greeeeat!


Bismark, if you have to know, was assassinated by the alumni for wearing this design, thereby showing favoritism. Unfortionately, this escelated events from what had originally been planned as a mere "smackdown" to full fledged war. Designers are now declaring war, allies backing up allies and superpowers are emerging... ominously...


By the way, I saw a dead crow today on the sidewalk in Newark Delaware. I took it to be a surprising twist ending to this design.


I saw a colossal seagull attempt to drown and eat a live pigeon in St Mark's square in Venice during "aqua alta". This design reminded me of that. Obviously it won't remind any of you of that, but I thought I'd share.


Sad, but true...


great work! $5

now do a rats vs pidgeons one!

mezo profile pic Alumni

Very attractive design. I love the almost ying yang effect and the soft simple quality of the dove against the detailed complexity of the raven. A winner, indeed. 5$


Mezo, thoughtful comment. I hadn't noticed the yin yang thing, but I am really seeing that now. Nice.




I wish there were a little more detail on the dove - The raven has so much detail, but your eye is mostly drawn to the big blank white space of the dove.

That said, I love it.


Same as Suzbot... i would have loved to see a little more details ont the dove. love it 5$


love the design. Just curious..what is the baron vs alumni thing? I DON'T GET IT!! TT.TT


the ying yang effect is cool, i noticed that before...i'd like to see more detail on the dove too although from a design standpoint perhaps it works best this way, helping pronounce the ying yang? good vs. evil....ying-yang

good job




why did this get such a low score?

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

scores have been really tough the last few weeks!

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