worthy redesign or lost cause?

So I'm wanting to try and redesign my Sibling Rivalry design, but I'm not sure if it's worth the effort or not. What do you guys think? Yay or nay?

Watch this

I definitely like the change of color.


perhaps i don't know the game so well, but why is hand engulfed in fire?
did he reduce his bro to ash or poo?

a little confusing
and at the same time, reminds me of weird science

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

hmm i kinda liked the original better, actually.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

I think I'm in love with the concept more than design itself. Maybe I'll try a different overall design approach.


maybe mario could be holding the princesses cell phone with luigi on her recently called screen or something? that may be too much for a winning shirt design...tough concept to execute. don't give up.

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I dig it, but they did print a mario parody already, so you might want to try one of the other numerous t-design contests instead of resubmitting here

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

fair enough


Hey, I was told halftone was not allowed? The shadow.


Halftones are allowed, you just can't use super tiny ones.


i like your redesign... but i'd focus on something new...

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The original is definitely better Wheels. It completes the parody with just the right amount of detail. I would say that resubs aren't really worth the trouble, and I'd be surprised if you couldn't get this printed somewhere else.

Halftones are allowed, but they have to be chunky enough to register on a silkscreen. I don't know what the printer that Threadless uses has capability-wise, but in the shop I used to work in we tried not to go above thirty lines per inch. You can make higher work on a screen, but it ended up being more work than it was worth. The sub I'm working on now has a halftone that is 15 lines per inch. It's ugly, but intentionally so.

_Wheels03 profile pic Alumni

Thanks again for all the input! I was thinking about reworking this for E for All, but I'll try coming up with something else.

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