boys want silver

  • by evanbaer
  • posted Sep 10, 2007

It makes me very happy to see this one printed. But Why on Ash!?!?

I am a boy who wants to wear silver.

Maybe I'll have to wait for Mr. Pink...

Watch this

Grey T-Shirts just look cheap and dirty, and not in a good way.

Ste7en profile pic Alumni

I love grey, I hope you all die...or at least skin your knees on some pebbles

courtney pie

i don't the silver for girls


I'm a girl and I want the ash grey... so there!


I always assume they don't always print the shirts on the same colour for guys and girls because Fruit of the Loom doesn't make all their colours in both Guys and Girly shirts. Then today I saw a Kelly Green Girly shirt, which I always thought was the Guy's version of Grass, so now I don't know. Hmmm...
But yes, glad its not on Heather Grey. I will never buy a shirt on Heather Grey. Or another shirt on Khaki.


I wanted this shirt until I saw that this was on Ash : (


Ash sucks ash.
Girls get all the good colors: grass, silver, asphalt, slate, eggplant, cranberry...
All us boys get are chocolate and sagestone

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