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Do Star Wars parody t-shirts suck?

I had an idea for a star wars parody tee which I think could be quite good, however do you think that all star wars parody stuff is just a bit crap now? Or is it just a bit of a cop out as people would really just vote based on whether they are fans of the film rather than fans of your shirt? The only one I've seen printed on threadless was 'Darkside of the Garden' which I thought was pretty ace!:

Watch this

Some might say no, but if its good its good, and Im all for a good parody.

Neon Samurai

There are a few others that have been submitted like Laundry day . I've seen others but can't find them now.

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I think george lucas gets pretty protective about his characters being used.

ben hanbury

well that's the other thing isn't it - surely there's some sort of copyright, although maybe not as the one above wouldn't have been printed?


Well Parody is protected under fair use. And if GL was that protective there would be a lot less star wars shit out there. I dare say only half the stuff is licensed.


as long as it's Admiral Ackbar i don't see a problem

ben hanbury

ahhh ... I love Admiral Ackbar!

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They only suck if you make them suck. I have a star wars idear myself, and i plan on doing it when i find a collaber unafraid of the blowback we'll get for it! lol.


HELLS NO! i have a 6 year-old who is just getting into it and it is fresh to him and still funny to me. more NEW SW work, please!

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