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  • by ibyes
  • posted Sep 07, 2007

This is not quite finished yet. Just wanted to get a general impression. Also Does it seem cut off? do you think it needs to be a full body? Thanks

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ibyes profile pic Alumni

This is not quite finished yet. Just wanted to get a general impression. Also Does it seem cut off? do you think it needs to be a full body? Thanks


I think it's perfect! Sub it.


It might look better with his whole body. Or maybe just the head? Cool idea, but his face needs work. It should be more rectangular

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

That's pretty funny but yeah it'd be cool to see the whole chair.


hah! this is really great, it does look as if it might be better w/ his whole body. But I love what you got going here :)


The face and body def need work, but it's a funny concept.

Ryder profile pic Alumni

the eyes look funny...you need to redraw his left eye (the one on the right)....otherwise it looks like a combo of lincoln and sloth from the goonies.

otherwise you're all set to have a great design

mtths profile pic Alumni

his top-hair looks apart from his "real" hair.
try to use the curls/form of his own hair into the new shape.
now it's just a drawn black rectangle

ibyes profile pic Alumni

On second thought, although I get the hair comment, I was trying to make it look like he took the hat off and it stayed in the hats shape.
Anyone else have a thought about this?


lol, this is great.. i think the hair is okay just might want to add a few strands coming out so its not so smooth. his left eye and hand need some work, actually his right hand could bend a little more.. also his head looks a little too small for the body. his ear looks a tad too big, kind of makes him look like a monkey..
after looking at it longer the proportions of his right arm look off, like he has two elbows.. i would shorten the forearm or straighten out the 'upper elbow' lol.. anyway cool idea, check out my critiquehere.


I agree with keeping the shape (of the hair) rigid, but just making the texture more uniform.

I also like the look of the eyes, as if he's raising one eyebrow à la Stephen Colbert.

I can't wait to see a revised verison of this.

ibyes profile pic Alumni

All good points EricDiaz and ProfessorE, The anatomy needs some work, thanks for pointing that out. I was going for a not super realistic face, but I will see about the size of the head and ear.


I agree with the comments above -- the hair does need work in terms of how the lines flow and the continuity from his original hair to his hat hair. Take a look at a picture of Amy Winehouse for some inspiration, but you also want to acknowledge the curls/waves of Lincoln's hair (look at Lincoln's younger pics to see what I mean).

The hands are a bit off, although it looks like mostly a shading problem. His mouth is slightly down-turned in a frown of sorts, where I think you want him to express more sly embarrassment for his hair. Lincoln had a healthy sense of humor about his gangly looks, so this is funny on a visual and historical level.

ibyes profile pic Alumni

Cool, thanks for the comment fouchnickens, looking at Amy Winehouse is a great idea. I'm not sure what I think about the smile although maybe I will try a version and see, But I kinda like that he is serious with F'd up hair.


First off, I didn't read anyone else's comments. So I'm sorry if I'm repeating what everyone else said.

I really like the idea, it's very very solid. But the hair just doesn't look right. It looks like a very well done drawing of Abe, then his (tall) hair looks like marker scribbles. Since his tall hair is pretty much the main focus this is a big problem.

Try focusing on making it all Black at first, and then "highlighting" certain areas, just like the rest of his hair, or even his shoes.


looks much better! As a finishing touch i'd give the chair some shadow like how you did with his feet.


Agrees with Eric and then go with it!


oh this one cracked me up. Sub it! sub it now!


also before you submit see what it looks like with take some of the outlines around him out ... like in the lighter parts of the pants where the light is coming from, take the outline out there cause the outlines make him look very flat while that chair looks very three dimensional. it might bring it together better


nice ^-^ submit please!


I like everything except the textre on his clothes. I'd rather see sort of etching looking lines that work with the curves of his body. That's about it.

Mountain Gnome

ibyes: You have a solid Idea here, I like that a lot. The design has improved since V1. The only further critisisms that I could add would be:
1. The bottom of his left hand needs a little touching up as now it looks a little cutoff
2. The armrests on the chair seem to not match. His left arm seems to floating over the armrest while the posture of the arm suggests that it is resting on it. Perhaps that is some cloth padding on the chair, but then so, why does the right armrest not have the same?

With a little more work on those aspects it'd be good to submit! Great Idea

Laser Bread
Laser Bread profile pic Alumni

very funny, love his expression

ibyes profile pic Alumni

handlas : Thanks for the crit, but I dig the pattern of his suit.

Thanks for the extended critique Mountain Gnome: The reference I used for the chair is like that, with the arms of the chair not being identical. Maybe I should change that because I agree it seems off. I will check out the left hand also.

Mountain Gnome

sorry to be nit picky but I have seen a few other possible things to also work on.
1. His legs. His right leg could possible move more to the right armrest as the room that it left over for his left leg looks like he is squashing the left leg.
2. The hat needs to more on his lap than perched on the edge of his right leg
3. The other back leg of the chair should be slightly visible


I like the design. I feel that the character has shadows but the chair and feet don't. The shadow effect that you were creating in V3 seemed to work, just missing some under the chair.

Good luck.

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