Where's the Toilet?

Piece number three. I like the colors.

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Something Pretentious

Man, what a useful shirt! Just point, and look quizzical. I also dig the colours. thumbs up


I guess "dove e la toletta" is supposed to be italian, but it's all wrong
"Dov'è il bagno" is the right way


Damn, I knew I'd do something like that wrong. Internet translators = not the best.

thanks pretentious. usefulness is my goal! I don't want anyone crapping their pants. even if they do speak another language.


OMG THIS WAS MY IDEA!! not accusing you or anything but i LITERALLY had this EXACT idea for a t-shirt except also with asian languages as well. haha. wow! :]


Haha, that's good to know, I mean, if two of us thought of the same thing then other people will like it.


Great concept.
Useful, I suppose, mostly in Europe.

I would like it better if you
1) included some non-European languages, or
2) did not cover the picture of the toilet but included it as a final option since it would work as a sort of universally understood version (though I admit toilets don't look the same worldwide)
3) both 1 and 2

right now I'd give it a 4


You really can't see the toilet behind the words...Mny of the translation are wrong... Spanish too.


I thought it was donde esta el bano (with a tilde over the n), but maybe you're quoting a regional phrase?


I tried moving the toilet, but then the text was too small, and later, the layout didn't look right. I wish I could edit this now to fix some stupid mistakes.

Also, alot of the accents have been removed because they interfered with the design.


And El Bano would be the bathroom, correct? Honestly, I don't speak spanish, but I'm pretty sure Bano isn't toilet, and it's bathroom.


"Où sont les toilettes ?" :)


donde estan los banos/servicios
bano means both bathroom and toilet


Hahah. This amused :)


"Ou est la toilette" doesn't work ... should be "Où sont les toilettes"

Good desing good idea .... but please do the grammar correction


Wo ist das bod?

thats how i learned it in german.


Oh God I need this shirt, when i was on hols in japan haha


Isn't it "baño" in Spanish? With the tilde?


Bod? I learned, "Wo ist das Klo?"

But, aside from little mistakes, I love this shirt. I'm a counselor at a language camp, and this would be a huge hit.

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That text layout angers the anal retentive graphic designer who lives inside me, rent-free, demanding booze every 3rd day, so he can jabber on about leading and tracking and kerning to people who don't give a damn. 2

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You may have planned to put the toilet on the shirt, but did you anticipate covering it in shit?


sorry to tell you but in spanish you would almost never hear "donde esta el tocador", besides you shoud write that correctly "¿Dónde está el tocador?...

and the best translation you could use is "dondé está el baño?" because even is not translated word by word the meaning of the whole sentence is what matters ...

by the way. my native language is the spanish


I like it. even if there are mistakes, I like the concept, that's the whole point. It's not like changes can't be made, just revise and resubmit! :] $5!


Spanish and Portuguese is wrong but i love the concept


Mezo, i experimented with alot of different tracking and kerning styles, and a ton of different text, and I decided to keep the line lengths the same, and vary the text size more than the kerning and leading. although, as you should be able to tell, the kerning and leading were both messed with.

Thanks to everyone who likes the design, and sorry for effing up the languages (and possibly offending people).

Is it just culturally correct (in france) to ask where a multitude of toilets are, rather than just the toilet? Because being in French 4, and having been to france this last summer, I wish I had known that.


and the spanish is indeed wrong. haha
"Donde esta el baño"

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Don't try to defend that typography, it's painful to look at. And not in that good, intentional kind of way. Maybe you did adjust the kerning, tracking, and leading. But you did not do it well. It's a mess, it's inconsistent, and it does not in any way help the look or legibility of your design.

The concept is kind of cute, but the execution leaves me grasping for a nice way to describe it.


I'm not saying it's perfect, I'm not even saying the typography is good, I was pointing out that I did in fact change the kerning and the leading.

I'd love to go back and change this piece, resubmit it with corrections and a better executed design, but it'll be an entire revamp instead of a few fixes.

I'm a bit surprised this, out of all of the designs i submitted around the same time, is the only that hasn't been declined.


nice color matching ! Great job liam


you may use in spanish: Dónde está el lavabo?

Spanish guy here...


Inodoro is toilet
Bano is Bathroom
And I’ve never heard of lavabo before…and Spanish is my native tongue


Perhaps next time use the critique section, which would help iron out the language issues etc. nice idea though


Thank you! something I can use. Next time I'm unsure, critique is where I'll go.


$5 great idea but the toilet shouldn't be behind all the text...and maybe you should redo the toilet anyway cause it looks kind of funky


George Michael and Senator Craig thank you for this design


To make it a little more diverse you should have used less European languages as only Tocador is really any different from toilet, and it still begins with a T.

T tees

youre spanish is incorrect


It should be "Donde es el baño?". Not that it really matters but "esta" is a temporary "is". Since bathrooms are (mostly) permanent fixtures, you use "es", which indicates a fixed state. Kind of.


Nice idea, but you really should fix the languages and put the accents in, because they do make a difference.

In portuguese you would say "onde é o banheiro?"; Hardly no one says toalete...

maybe you could try placing the toilet icon on the back of the shirt...in case people can´t ready any of the phrases you just turn around... =)


Opendestiny, está is always used for location.

Although it usually really bothers me when people leave diacratic marks out of foreign words, I like the shirt.

Not Carbon Dog

i can help with arabic if you want to put arabic on there


Thanks for all the input guys. And if I get a chance to change it up a bit, I'll put some arabic and some asian languages on. And the toilet on the back I like too.

I left out the marks because they messed up the design. It was harder to get the leading right. although now I guess I coulda just reduced the size of that one letter.


As camilapi said,
onde é o banheiro?
toalete is such a fancy word in portuguese!
Sounds like an old lady talking, lol
Banheiro is more "people talking"

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