Captain Lemon and the Genetically Modified Foods!

  • by The Chad
  • posted Sep 05, 2007

Watch this

i think it's cute
put it on a neon shirt color
and i am sold!


omg it totaly reminds me of somthing that would bust out of my nose! awesome!


the eggplant's cap looks like a condom


Eggplants are the safest vegetables in nature.


wow. That would make a GREAT name for a band!


did you ever see the cartoon "attack of the killer tomatoes"?

That is what your tomatoe looks like. Great!


haha yeah all it needs is a neon shirt colour
i love it!

The Chad

neon shirt? what colors?


awesome veggies! But I think the type needs a little color.


WAAAAYYY too cool I'd have it on black or white... 5$


WHY IS THIS AWESOME DESIGN ON SUCH A BORING COLOR? That makes me sad. But I'd probably get it anyways.


the tomato looks like a pokemon.


Actually, I think the tomato looks like a bomb creature from Final Fantasy.
Veggies on the Steroids. Nice. I like the concept. It's why I don't like grocery stores... Farmer's Markets: that's where you can get some good stuff...


What's the back story behind this? If there's a Captain Lemon comic strip, book, cartoon etc. that you do and the shirt is a tie-in, that's awesome. As a stand alone shirt, my reaction is "eh, it's neat i suppose" but if there is no world of Captain Lemon and his gang outside of this shirt I wouldn't buy it.

The Chad

Have you ever read a book that was turned into a movie only to find the characters in the movie sucked and were completely different compared to the characters you read about in the book?
kingjoshthefirst I could tell you where i got this idea from but that would kill any story about each character you have already created with your imagination and that would defeat the purpose of the design wouldn't it?


wow... hahaha i would so wear this.


The drawing makes it. If it was done any other way I wouldn't give it this 5. I love your style.

The Chad

TY lifeopartygcd.


actually I'm one of those people (though I realize I'm fairly rare) that can be told any idea, backstory, ending etc. and it not ruin the experience for me. Heck, I run a video store, and if I don't have time to watch a movie I was curious about (happening more and more frequently lately) and I ask you "how'd you like it?" and in telling me about the movie you gave away the twist ending, it wouldn't bother me a bit, but yeah, I see what you're saying.

I did hit 'watch this' and 'let me know if it wins', but I'm still new to the site and I don't know how that operates (as in, I can't find a page on here that lists which shirts I'm watching) so let me know how it goes, good luck


I think this is quite a funny idea for a shirt.

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