advice on amateur design + submission help

I certainly lack skill in adobe, and so my this (my first) design is exceedingly simple. (But sometimes simple is best, right? In this case I don't think I'd want to get too complicated.) I think my idea is decent, but I guess I'm wondering if the serious artists in this community would be so offended by the lack of talent on display here that I would receive low votes on principle. Should I expend some more sweat here for the sake of batting in the major league, or submit it as it is?

AND what is the easy/obvious/geez-this-guy-is-stupid way to convert from a .ai file to .gif or .swf?

Watch this

(Oh, and I'd title it something like "Narrative Frame" or "Life Imitating Tshirt". I thought about making the lower left corner of the shirt blue, too.)


save as or export ? I dont use ai so im guessing -

as for the design, you need to get the technical detail
out of the way as you learn the ropes so it might as
well be on something easy. A super idea might wait
until you had the nuts and bolts all figured.

Just take a look at the simple designs that have sold out!!

my first design just went down with a 1.97 so what
do I know? good luck

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Don't concern yourself with .SWF files until you know what you're doing in Flash. It will overcomplicate the submission process and create a headache. Save As or Export will work, depending on the program, to create a .GIF. Just choose that filetype from the rolldown menu (also known as a "CompuServ Bitmap"). You can use Adobe ImageReady to decrease the filesize by decreasing the amount of colors in the palette.

Every design should be as simple or complex as the central concept demands. As far as your design is concerned, it's very boring. I'm not sure if it would get approved. There's not much of a concept behind it, and the execution is not very interesting. Always ask yourself if someone would want to wear your design. If so, whom? If not, why?

I just don't see this as something the average person would want to wear.

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