How does this whole thing work, anyways?

There a couple reasons for this post, first to check out just how the blogging system/community on here works and the second is to ask a couple questions, for those who would be so kind to answer.

First question, (which may seem presumptuous but is a concern of mine none the less) is when and if a design is chosen to be printed, how much time is there between you being notified and the printing of the design? The reason I ask is because my design has a day left of scoring and I'll be out of town and possibly away from a computer when new shirt's come out on Monday. Are we talking days here? Another week? I mean I assume you find out before the Monday it's printed because there has to be production time, and they have to need a bigger version of your design than the crummy preview gif, heh.

Second question, why is the preferred format of a submitted vector design .swf? Why submit an animation file when you could just send in an illustrator file or something? I'm not saying there isn't a valid reason, just that it seems odd at face value.

At any rate, if you're reading this thanks a lot and if you respond thanks even more. Good wishes to everyone out there in t-shirt land.

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1-Could be days to weeks to months before you are notified.

2-Swf's are compressed flash files, not the actual flash vector file.
Illustrator files are sent after the design is picked.


Months huh? Hey that means my last design could still be picked, hah.

Okay, so I guess it's just a file size thing then. That makes sense. I was just confused, I work in flash quite a bit so my first instict was "what they hell do they want to be animated?"

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Yes, the gif/swf files we ask for are basically just for presentation to the voters on the website. If the design is chosen, then we'll contact you and ask for your design in a higher resolution, more print worthy format.

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