I Will Always Love You

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a sad little bug is attracted to a being of its own color, and thinks it has found love.
(i hope people can see the difference between this and doodle bug, with the realism and different idea, even though it's also on red)


I like the red for girls. $5


Oh, its cute (and thats not a word I use very often)

epika pubika

i would but it if the red was for girls too (why do we always get the sucky colors?)




thanks for the feedback so far!

and the 'girls' shirt is just an alternative color, that girls might like also. i figured both shirts would be red, but i wanted to give a choice.


i'm off on a 1,000-mile drive to a place with no internet, so i can't answer many questions from here on! i'll try to get to a library though...


NICE beetle artwork! I just wish it could be much larger on the shirt - it needs to be seen by everyone! Good job. :-)

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