Anyone for STP swap?

I'm going to buy a couple of tees today, and maybe a third if I can get some STPs.

I'll buy a shirt using your link, if you'll do the same for me! :D

Also, does anyone know of the most recent coupon codes?

Watch this

Never mind on the coupon codes.
But is anyone else shopping today?


Sweet. Let me know if you are for sure.

I want to buy a couple of shirts and I'm trying to figure out whether it would be more cost effective to use one or two orders.


1 order.
Shipping is like 3 bucks or something to start out, and like 50 cents more per each other shirt you get.


Cool. That makes sense.

Does anyone else know of any coupon codes? The one I had was invalid. Or a resource where I could find them?


There is a blog that ladykat keeps updated with current coupon codes, but they do not work during sales.


I'll buy today if i can get one more set of stp's....


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