My oink broke

my utorrent wont connect...and when i click a torrent link it doesnt work

i know this means nothing to 90% of you

im just sorta freaking out. of course this had to happen the day curtis and graduation were leaked on

Watch this
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I haven't tried mine in a few I don't really know


haha glad to have something good come of this polyester


I don't know if this has anything to do with this, but I know that torrentspy has recently stopped catering to anyone inside the US =S


Mine is working no problems. But comcast seems to be throttling Comcast users so my upload speed is near non-existent now. Everybody is hoping for some sort of fix for that one. You can dload all you want, but the moment you start uploading comcast wont let you and resets the connection.. bastards.

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Yeah, i snatched Graduation today. MY toreent client has been firewalled for months now, so my ratio has gone lower and lower, but it's still well above what i need to keep downloading. what im trying to say is if you want a copy, i'll sendspace it to ya. I feel for you, man.

Frank Vice

i think oink blocked a certain version of utorrent the other day, try updating your utorrent

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