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I Want to Be a Cowboy

This is (will be) my submission for the Iron and Wine

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This is (will be) my submission for the Iron and Wine


Question: should I keep the skin a gray/red pattern or just use peach, since I have the extra color?


if no one has anything to say then i guess i'll submit it, but i'd really like some feedback

ibyes profile pic Alumni

I was one of the 3 that said submit it. I like the concept the colors and the composistion. The color of the shirt is nice as well. Great job, although I think it would work even without the bubbles next to the kid. I like that the horse and the spaceship seem to be coercing the kid to decide, we don't need to see his thoughts (but that's just me) The way you have it works just fine as well.

can you critique

ejay profile pic Alumni

A slight adjustment to the pose (scratching his head with indecision , for example) will work if the bubbles are to be dropped , but I tend to like them, they fit in nicely. I do think that the hats are enough though , and the question/exclamation marks are not really needed- The indecision makes it more interesting than the choice, in my opinion.


ejay, you have a good point, i wish i went with it that way, i did actually send this in to sub. the reason i stuck with my 'way' though was that i showed this to a few people before the speech bubbles were this clear, and they didn't understand it. not that i want everything to be spelled out, but i don't want too many people to think it doesn't make sense.

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