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This is not a statement, just a feeling.

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This is not a statement, just a feeling.


but you're stating what you feel


Who the heck would buy this?

Guy Arthur

why don't you desecrate the Filipino flag and leave ours alone?!
That's MY feeling.


Yeesh. Some harsh criticism so far.
I like it


Yeesh. Some harsh criticism so far.
I like it


both haters of America (some of the anti-war peple ) and
lovers of America (some the pro-gun people) could wear this
- which means your message is ambiguous ( which might
be exactly what you were going for - I don't know )


helo, you are exactly right. Thank you!


This is a great shirt. Not unamerican at all, just shows we care what the country is doing. I want one!


i love it... USA all the way

T tees

youre missing some stripes
theres should be 13 all together you have only 9(or 10 if you count the whit under the bottome red)

T tees

and youre missing 11 stars/grenades

mezo profile pic Alumni

I see grenades. I see guns. I see...combs? Aside from that, the design is too stiff, too repetitive. Therefore making it visually boring. Also, it's a wonder why you stopped making the red "stripes" so short- makes the flag look weird. Please keep subbing, though! 2


"This is not a statement, just a feeling."

The feeling preceeded your drawing/design.
Once you created it and subbed it, it became a statement.


wow. this is so wrong.


less cut and paste... try using different types of guns and ammo... i like it though...

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

"why don't you desecrate the Filipino flag and leave ours alone?! That's MY feeling."

That is exactly what's wrong with this country. It's a good thing that the "founding fathers" didn't think that or we'd have no America to begin with.

I agree with Mezo in that I don't unterstand why there's only 9 stripes instead of 13. I also don't think you did a very good job of rendering the flag in general. The concept is there but you could have gone a lot further with the executionl. What you have here seems very lazy to me.


Awesomeness! $5


finally, a clean and simple design with a strong message. I don't think this design is anti-American. I see many meanings here, great political statement. I could see this on an album cover or book cover. SOLD!!


You know, this is a great shirt. Bold statement, It's not America that stands for violence, it's this administration. I'd buy this.

Joelnz profile pic Alumni

nice work, great statement. I think it could've been expressed in a more original way though. keep up the good work!


okay. stop saying this is such a horrible shirt, and so wrong, and so unpatriotic.

can anyone say "free expression?" that seems pretty american to me... denying someone their right to express themselves, on the other hand, seems pretty thoroughly wrong. but hey, that's just me!


Turning a feeling INTO a American's right. Admirable need to listen to the harsh criticism. You never stated which side of that design you're on, so I don't see how you can be accused of being pro- or anti-war. Maybe one day, more people will stand up and make more statements and maybe--just maybe--we won't be in all the mess we're in. As the saying goes, you can't please everybody, but maybe with enough ambiguity it can one day be done. Damn,'s just a shirt! It's not up to us to judge someone's beliefs or politics. I don't think that's what those who fought before us were aiming for. Love the warriors, hate the war...and wear whatever shirt you want.


i would SO buy this 5$


Definitely needs a lot of work but great concept. I'd agree with the 50 stars/13 stripes comments. maybe try mixing lots of gun/bullets/etc smaller to make the redlines?

Good work

SWAMPFACTORY profile pic Alumni

for me USA is not that... i'm french and i see the good things this country do... ok Georges Bush is not the best president... but they make the best guitars in the world !!!!


Make sure you got ALL the stars on there...ALL the strips on there...unless your saying that some of the states are....not united??? Why don't we go forward with acts of peace, instead of representing our country with guns....
Cool idea, i like the emotions.........


I got to say that the discussion here in the comments is very interesting to observe. I saw this design and I though - really nice, 4-5 even maybe, yet rather cliche. And it caused do many feeling around here. I could never suspect it. Well but I'm European so my point of view is for sure totally different.


Freedom of speech .... until I don't like what you're saying. LOL

Sniper Time

This is pretty awesome, but like that other person said, It needs like oil on it some how. Or maybe it just needs to look more interesting


This isn't symbolizing anti-America, so I'm not sure how some people are seeing that. I see this as America will kick your ass if you mess with us. Buuuut could use more something, but I kind of like it simple like this. $5


I think it can be interpreted several different ways, both anti- & pro-America. I also agree it would have been much better with 50 & 13, that's why I'm only giving it a 3.


the whole bash on america/the president/other political issues in america is a little cliche at this point. If I have to see one more "not my president" shirt, I'll puke. It's not that I love bush, it's just become too trendy.


it is simple and that's why i like it. I'd totally buy this and everyone's entitled to their own opinion. so don't take the criticism too personally.


xelalex you just put my feelings into words.


xelalex you're the automaton who strives for the middle of the road. you're the insolent jibber mouth who thinks he's the smartest guy in the room by saying something he heard someone else say once. seriously,
i fear for you who thinks that people rail against an innocuous leader as something that's 'trendy' or on the same plane as ordering you vanilla latte with soy milk.
whoever the powers that be who ordered our schooling systems to be dumbed down, our value meals super sized and our water laced with fluoride has just felt a great sense of accomplishment because xelalex spoke. and ninny no brain mightymouse1584 agrees....HA! laughable.


Why didn't you put 50 grenades and 13 stripes?
Did you want it to look crappy? Or did you just want to get your opinion out so fast that you didn't bother with it?


As I said, you didn't bother with making it look right,
why did you bother with the design at all?
You know it's not gonna get printed.


Every work of art is an aspect of reality...
The task of society is to discover its reality in a work of art...
-- Friedrich Dürrenmatt


I know! Lets break out the Ouija board and ask Keith Haring why he only has 13 stars and 8 stripes... while we are at it we'll wake Ol' Jasper Johns up too and ask him wtf? Good grief people - this is art, did you forget what they hell that was? I still give this modern day icon a $5!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I dunno...i kinda dig the repitition of this design...i don't think it would work any other way. This is most definitely one of the better anti-war or anti-how the hell we go about things now (and the fact that a recent study showed that there are 90 guns for every 100 Americans, with the next country behind us falling in the 60's and most in the 40's and below), and I for one would sport this shirt and accept both the smiles and right on's of people who feel the same way, along with the pissed off glances and fistfights that would surely ensue.

This shirt sums up what i feel about our wonderful country right now: it has been hijacked by people who are gun-crazy and warmongering, and a lot of people around the world see our country as this instead of the original red white and blue stripes flying bravely through the night.

I agree maybe some oil between the guns and ammo, with a faint blueish hue to it so it would work as the flag, maybe with some oil drops on the bottom of the tee along with some spent shells.



shirtflirt on Aug 30 '07

..water laced with fluoride...

Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why, there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices, soup, sugar, milk... ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children's ice cream.

Haha I love you for making me think of Strangelove :D


"both haters of America (some of the anti-war peple ) and
lovers of America (some the pro-gun people) "

I love it how people who don't want to send Americas young men and women off to die HATE america

People who support the use of weapons that kill 12,000 Americans every year LOVE america


oh and nice shirt.... 4


As for the design, I am with Mezo. Not deep, a tad bit cliché.
As for people who support the use of weapons that kill 12,000 Americans every year?… I support the use of a utensil that makes MILLIONS of Americans fat every year. Down with spoons! They obviously make you fat! Can't you see that…

Yes, guns kill people. And spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

Guy Arthur

I think we're giving this crap design way to much attention ( myself include). And even if it were good, Threadless doesn't print political T-Shirts. Why not make a shirt criticizing the little child slave workers in Asia that make most of the American T-Shirts? Oh wait, it's only cool to slag off America.


Yes, guns kill people. And spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat.

I think pork ribs and burgers might be more to blame . . .

. . . on both counts.

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