One second...

yay reprint finally

woohoo about time!

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hey staff- any chance we can see a pic of the hoody?


A picture of the hoody would help for sure!


im so siked for this shirt!

what was the other reprint today?


I was actually hoping they would wait to reprint this on the Threadless custom tees....or even better, after deciding to toss the slogan writer a bit of cashola for reprints.

Ahh such is life.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Such a frigging rip-off you don't even get a penny for you slogan's really a shame.

Yeay! i get to rock this slogan tee now! And it's on a hoodie! Which didn't get a picture as usual now so we can't see if we wanna buy it like that! YEAY!

nintechno1111 profile pic Alumni

i'm so tempted to buy the hoodie. but yeah, I think it would be nice if threadless gave money for slogan reprints, too.

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