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  • by mshgna
  • posted Aug 19, 2007

From one scrabble lover to another. . . enjoy!

Watch this

From one scrabble lover to another. . . enjoy!


Is there a scrabble trend now because of Subway?


look at the catalog. you've got to beat, "well, this just really sucks"


i was just about to say that^ but word up is one of my favorite sayings...


i did see the other scrabble design... that would really suck. but you know what the difference between me and him is? I make scrabble look gooood


i'm glad you like word up! it is a saying for all occasions


I love it, too bad there's already a scrabble shirt.

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Dude, NEVER insult one of the all-time best shirts on this site. I think yours is actually much colder and waaay too intense for a scrabble shirt compared to "this just sucks." But very nice perspective you got going on in your drawing. Instead of the blank tile laying next to the words, might i suggest a thumbs up or another hand symbol or any other symbol (perhaps a mic) to help this idea along?


at first i didn't understand why people are acting like you have to choose between this shirt and the "sucks" one (also good), and then i found out how this site works. and i still don't really see why you can only have one or the other (is there some 'scrabble' subcontest i missed?). this shirt is stylishly done, period. judge it for its own merits. you may as well dismiss it for being just a t-shirt design, instead of being holographically printed on the moon. $5.


sorry i wasn't trying to insult, i was just joking around. there can never be too much love for scrabble


Its a shame Word Up isn't just one word, so then it could be used in scrabble.


A nice take on the scrabble idea, and I love the pun, maybe some different colors to make it stand out from all the other scrabble t-shirts. 4


i own the printed one. i'd wear this too though.
1. you can never own too many scrabble shirts
2. upwords was the prerequisite game to scrabble


maybe if the colors were different... more contrast than a yellowish with brown.


I really like the design but the colors used are not attractive to me at all. I would definitely buy it if it were offered in other colors... ;)


you guys have inspired me, i'll work up some new colorings


Even though I've seen another Scrabble shirt, I love the Scrabble concept, $5!


I adore scrabble. I would like this shirt a lot if you ditched the blank tile and printed it on some kind of bright color. Blue. red. Purple. Something dark, but vibrant, so the kind of retro drama was highlighted.


Clever! I'd buy it (in whatever color).


I didn't read through all of the previous comments, so forgive me if it's already been said, but the rack needs to have room for all seven tiles, and the tiles themselves should be just a cunthair thicker.

Yes, that is an actual unit of measure.


The only reason why I don't really like this shirt is that 'Word Up' reminds me too much of that crap-ass Scrabble-pretender game UpWords.

If I get past that and think of the next thing which is 'Word Up' by Cagna, that fantabulous 80's disco song, I feel a bit better.

Tiles definitely have to be thicker - take a look at Scrabble tiles, they're not that skinny. The width of your tiles make them look cheap and fake.

But I love the angle and the old-schoolness, though please no brown shirt as the other scrabble tee is in brown too.


I like this one a lot!


I actually prefer this design to the "Well This Just Sucks" t-shirt.


thanks, good comments everyone

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