I HATE SAGESTONE. No seriously. I'm using the word HATE about sagestone.

I really hate sagestone. It's the worst color ever. I have the "Nothing Rhymes With Orange" shirt, a design I LOVE, and it's on frickin sagestone. This design would work on just about ANY color. A guys shirt in lavendar would even be better, and I'd buy the girls shirt if I didn't hate the cut of girls shirts. After seeing how awful the color of the "Nothing Rhymes With Orange" shirt looks, I swore I'd never buy another one again.

No more sagestone. No more natural. Why are guys shirts never printed on great colors like grass, mint, or kiwi (the color of the shirt Dulces Vacaciones, the only shirt I can recall seeing on kiwi). I'm not just super partial to green, I'm just saying there are better shades of green than freaking sagestone.


(just so you know...in case it is reprinted...which I hope it is)

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Why are you buying guys tees anyway?

I do agree with you though - I'm not a fan of sagestone myself. I've got Adorable Disaster and I hardly ever wear it. Even the material feels stiffer and coarser.

But I do like this design a lot, and 30 mins ago I bought it because it's selling out so damn fast in my size.


I really like sagestone. It's all a matter of taste.

As for why they don't print on grass/mint/kiwi for guys' shirts, it's because those colours are offered by American Apparel (who make the girls' shirts) but not by FOTL (who makie the guys' shirts).

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Since writing that last post, I've actually gone back and cancelled the order. I just couldn't deal with having another sagestone shirt - not when there are still other tees on my list.

It's not a bad colour on screen, but in real life it just looks a bit dull, and for some reason (like brown) the cut is way too baggy on me.

My STPs, though, appear not to have been returned to me. Anyone know the procedure about this?


You're crazy! :p

Email Threadless and ask. That's what worked for me.

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LOL I've decided to be a little more... discerning with what I buy. I've got around 30 shirts and while I like most of them, there are a few that I've bought because they were 'cute'. I just want to cut down on that, and stick to stuff that I think is awesome AND wearable.

After all, I foresee a long and healthy relationship with Threadless - I can't keep buying stuff I'm not 100% happy with, or I'm just going to be stuck with a huge pile of cute drawings sitting in my closet.

I'll email them.


That's a very good point and I identify with it. I just think you're crazy for not liking Sagestone. :P

Good luck!

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It all started with Adorable Disaster, I guess. It was too big, the colour was a bit dull, I hotwashed/tumbledried it, it came out all weird and coarse, the design looked dead and faded - it was just days and days of drama and tears and pulling of hair.


I try not to think about it too much. And don't get me started on heather grey or -gasp- brown.


It's like Silver... I hate Silver


That's how I feel about Creme. I'll only buy it now if it's a shirt I just have to have - unfortunately quite a few are! Oh well.


I feel the same way about creme and natural. Does anyone look good in those colors?


I like creme for My Father Is A Sailor, it's probably my favorite shirt. As for sagestone, I agree, it's pretty gross.


I also notice that my Nothing Rhymes with Orange" tee is coarser than most of the others. My theory of why is because FOTL doesn't make sagestone tees anymore, so they only have old yucky ones that were perhaps from an era when FOTL tees weren't as soft? Who knows. I'm just eagerly awaiting Threadless-made tees.


I bought it in sagestone... I think it works very well. I guess it's all a matter of opinion. (i like creme too)


ilikebrown - you sir are just full of crazy.


i hate navy, it's too smart.
Sagestone..... i have to agree, it always looks better on screen than skin.


Ultimately, everyone is entitled to their own opinions about what they like and don't like. It's called 'subjectivity' kids. To say that shirts shouldn't be printed on a certain color just because you personally 'hate' it is is rather egocentric. Remember, be nice! :-]

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