• by fonkyphi
  • posted Aug 14, 2007

Sploosh !

Watch this

When there is a guy and a girl t, does the girl t have to be pink? ::sigh:: I agree with the ^ comment above. xo c


No, sorry, I would never wear this.


Cute! I think one in the front and one on the back would be better. Also a different color for the girls shirt, most girls already own alot of pink shirts.


Ick, I'm so not into poop jokes.
I agree though, it'd look better with one on the front and one on the back.

ruby soho

Yeah, where are the feet of the people in the stalls?

I like your style, though I know I wouldn't wear something like this.


there is no feet because the bird is too small to show feet. super cute idea, but i wouldn't wear it. if it does get printed, one on the back would be ideal.

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