Tushy Dance

Shake it!

Watch this

Love it--I would def. wear this!


love except i can't wear yellow.


Yeah, maybe put a tie in the back so it's a bikini... and is that a hint of breast I see? Either make her body more mature if it's supposed to be a woman, or draw a tank or swim suit top if it's supposed to be a girl. I love this idea, it reminds me of my nieces coz they do this all the time, but it needs a little work. Personally, I wish you would choose to make it a little girl, it would be a sweet little shirt. xo c


it looks nice clean lines nice shading and all but ya i'm thinking the girl looks too young for me to rock on a shirt


Made me smile straight away. I love it. Looks exactly like my missus dancing :)


who the hell said child-porn? tool.


You've done a great job capturing a mid-dance move that could have easily looked awkward. There is absolutely nothing provocative about the dance so I don't feel like there needs to be a bikini top. I would ditch the line that suggests a chest though. It's not placed appropriately and it's not needed. It is better for the dancer to be ambiguously aged... just lightheartedly boppin' to some music while getting ready in the morning.


I didn't think this was provocative either. I agree with amg. It actually reminded me of the Morton Salt girl a little. Made me smile.


really like you style keep it up.


is it like "yay boobies!" or cute and innocent like the girl on that sunscreen bottle with the dog pulling her pants off?


this is adorable 5$


looks at shirt design, FBI busts in an arrests me Honestly I wasn't thinking about owning this shirt, I was only going to buy it for my fiance! 20 yrs in jail, life is ruined

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

For the fact you have the word "tushy" in the title, you get an extra point from me. It's not something i'd wear, but i enjoy the light-hearted and well drawn tone of this sub. nice one.


IIf I saw this on Dateline: To catch a Predator I would laught my @ss off.


get rid of the chest or add a top plz!


I hate the colors and I hate the girl's hair, but I love the design.


i dont want to look like a pedo.


pedo? why does a naked dancing child have anything to do with sexuality? because someone might be turned on?
(an example of this logic: some people think sheep are hot; bestiality is illegal; therefore, it should be illegal to depict pants-less sheep in order to defer sexual sheep-predators)
I digress.
nice design!


almost like butter face.

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