Just Fine.

He really is just fine.

Watch this

Its not really funny at all. That is just sad....

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really? come on, use some class

Hebby 101

great on golden! 5$


I think the first guy didn't like it and others are following suit with the "this is offensive" sentiment. I don't love it, but I'm not offended or anything. Looks like you've got some illustrative skills. :)


Thank you livodl, to tell you the truth i was surprised it got past the approval, people is sensible around this topic, i dont blame them, to each their on. From now on only happy happy joy joy illustrations.

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This is very Better Off Dead-ish. I don't mind the subject matter, i just mind the fact that i don't really like how the shadows or style is done. It should be more cartoony to balance off the material and do something else with the rope, possibly drape it over the shoulder and show it's not hanging onto anything on the back of the shirt?


I don't mind the concept, but I think the words would be a bit small to read on a t-shirt, unless you get really close. So it isn't clear first off what it's about.


i like it, but i'm not sure about how i'd like placement. he's kinda boxy. 4


I thought better off dead as well, FA.


I love it, but the shadows killed it for me.


shadows are easy to take out, so dont be discouraged by them.

Hebby 101

OMG!! Happy Happy Joy Joy is the best ice cream flavour from the Penn State Creamery! Great design anyway, I have no idea why so many people dislike it. $5

Red Strychnine
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Suicide is funny when practiced by imaginary people. I'm sorry the rest of your scorers didn't have much of a sense of humor.

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