My first random threadless sighting!

I was in the Seattle Art Museum yesterday (no, I'm not from Seattle) and I saw my very first random threadless sighting. It was very exciting to me. It was a rare day that I was not wearing a threadless tee myself so I didn't say anything, but it was cool, nonetheless. I hope to see more in the future :-)

Watch this

and it was this shirt? someone was actually wearing THIS shirt...holy shit...thats amazing

anyway, i live in Portland...I see...usually, at least one Threadless t a day shit, they are EVERYWHERE in this city...they even re-sell the damn things in about a dozen different shops


i'm still bitter that i never recieved this shirt grrrrrrr

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i had no idea people re-sold these tees. and yes, it was this shirt. i had never seen it before in person, and i actually like it much better now that i've seen it.


i've already seen two. the "haikus" slogan tee and the "higher" elephant one or whatever it's called. pretty exciting...


there's a few kids at my school who wear them on the regular. never anything cool though. mostly glennz stuff.

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i suppose, to be honest... i think i saw a friend of a friend wearing "this really sucks" a while back when we all went roller skating. but that was before i knew what threadless was.


I wore this t-shrit to Peter, Bjorn and John show in SLC :D


i wore this shirt to a festival in west virginia!
one time i was waiting for the bus wearing 'the communist party' and some kid wearing the EXACT SAME SHIRT sits down next to me. we look at each other and are like...oh...and scoot apart a little more.

pieces of cheese
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same thing happened to me. i passed another dude walking on some railroad tracks and we were both wearing funkalicious

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