make it rain on dem hos

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isn't that in the song by fat joe and lil wayne?

Monkey II
Monkey II profile pic Alumni

I think it's awesome!


Omg, Thats So Cool Haha $5


very awesome

The Ringleader

I sort of like the design, but I'm completely anti-"gangsta" and wigger. So I'd have so say no. That "song" is horrible, anyway.


I'm pretty sure gangasters and "wiggers" don't shop at Threadless. They prefer Bape, Supreme, Neighborhood, BBC Ice Cream, and other hypebeast outlets.

This shirt's hilarious. I've been trying to figure out how to say this in japanese, but I can't find the verb "to make rain."


so am i, as you can see the design is not "gangsta" at all its more of a happy white girls concept of "make it rain on dem hos"


I'm not sure why people immediately associate black culture with gangstas, but whatev...

No self respecting thug would wear a shirt that said ho on it. Easy fuckin' target.

Just sayin'.


its funny, but the design is really too amatuerish looking.. it looks like you made it using stamps and paintbrush in MS Paint


no sorry its hand drawn trying to look that way, notice the colored outside of the lines look.


lol, i love it but i would never wear "hos" on my shirt.


you've made bad lyrics into a great tee shirt.

jrmasm profile pic Alumni

great typography

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i love the typography and how the design looks on the shirt


ha thanks. Its suposed to be funny. I dont like the song either .


I'd totally buy and wear it if it just said "Make it Rain" I know that's not what you were going for, but just sayin's.


oh man wear this one to the strip club. This is pretty funny.


love it! but I'd probably get a detention if i wore it to school.


I get the irony, but it just doesn't work.


neighborhood3 summed it up ("you've made bad lyrics into a great tee shirt"). It's not "wigger" because it doesn't look like it's trying to be something it's not. Anyway, I wouldn't want this printed because pretty much anyone in any situation would look like an idiot wearing it. Basically, you've created a fashion runway shirt, and a good one. I guess I'll give you a 5-nobuy. P.S. ignore anyone that refers to MS Paint when criticizing your design - they are not capable of judging anything.

Ted McPeggy

the design is really cool but i can't see a lot of people wearing it, unless it just said 'make it rain.' but it doesn't really sound the same that way either...

mezo profile pic Alumni

I would like to wear this design, please, whilst I listen to LL Cool J's Round the Way Girl....please. 4$

Oh Maris

This is awesome, and completely original here on Threadless. :) I would buy this for about 7 or 8 of my girls if I had that kind of cash. lol


the words are unneeded but i would totally get this if it won!


I beleive they are very needed. Its funny yo. ha


I'm not sure why people immediately associate black culture with gangstas, but whatev...



make it rain money! prossies need the cash :D

very funny, I like the layout on the shirt :)


hahaha I love it, but I'm sure I can't wear it to school :(

still it's $5


And I definitely would wear it to school... a couple teachers might even get it..


Hey you should have more respect for prostitution. They provide a valuable service and do not often carry umbrellas, so being caught in a rainstorm would be very inconvenient.


WOW. i absolutely LOVE this shirt. i'd definitely buy it. awesome idea!!! hope it gets printed.


I love this shirt. It has a great look and the typography is stunning. Plus, it made me giggle.



i like the shirt. and i am NOT a wigger or whatever the hell everyone else is saying, but i love that song. the shirt would be cuter on pink like the left side of the display.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I would also like to point out the artist is is very young. And submitting work on this level at such a young age is rare. You, lady, are applauded!

p.s. so the words up there are from a song? I didn't even realize!


Aww thanks alot guys. Yea im 16. younginnnnn fo sho ha.


i would wear this everryyyyday.

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