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I really like everything in this design its fun and interesting and beautiful! The only thing is that it is kind of big on the shirt. I think that I think this because there is a lot of contrast on the white. I think maybe if the black if the design wasn't as dark it would be ok, or have an example on a darker colour too. I'm really impressed with the design though a good combination of images.


delightful! and not too big! I love the way it sprawls across the shirt!


Nice job on the Outlet colors and iPod shape... the lips look so natural


Thanks so much everyone for your input.
I agree that the design could benefit from being scaled down on the shirt a bit, and if everything goes my way I would definitely do that so parts of the design don't get lost around the sides of the shirt.
fathomit, thank you for your kind words and criticism, I'm taking this all in so I can apply this to my next designs.
Thank you all again :)


The design is fresh and the simple colour theme is very complementary - I like it on white.


jeff taught me how to use the smooth tool, for that i gave him a $5


really somehow reminds me of those posters for Rheindesign that could be seen all over the subway stations here in cologne.
and this is the first shirt i'd buy in white!!!


This is the first "artsy" design in the GMail contest that I've actually liked so far! That is saying something! Fiver!


awww. that is cool


this is really well done


Would have scored it higher if the design didn't include an iPod.


i LOVE it!!!!!!! and i like the ipod is my life!


this doesn't really flow very well from bottom to top, it just looks a bit clunky to me. good attempt though.


Nice, just wouldn't wear it.


I really like that. The composition is really nice, and the idea rings true for a lot of us. =) I'd wear it.


I like the concept, colors and composition but I think it would be even better if it were a little smaller.


Thanks everyone for all your votes and comments! I'm so happy that people are liking my design. I'm taking in all of these compliments and criticisms, and I feel really good about my first submission here. As for the sizing on the shirt, like I said before, this was all done in illustrator, and I agree that the design might be lost on the edges of the shirt at the current size, and I would like to scale it down slightly if it wins.


this is a great first submission. not something i would personally wear. if you took out the speakers, ipod and so on, i would wear it. but i know the whole point is havin the in.
i really love the little drip with the headphones on though =]

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