Separated by an entire worldlet!

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Separated by an entire worldlet!


Very cool, me likey the tail :)


awww....I love this - great job! 5


yay for monstas!


i like how you havent just copied and pasted it. nice work 4


Ha ha, I think of Katamari when I look at it sometimes, too.

Hey, Mandyhello, is that a Paul Southworth drawing in your user picture? It looks like his style.

Thanks for all the feedback so far, everyone! I think we're just about up to the 24-hour mark. Here's hoping I don't get smited by the 1.5 rules!


I hope they print this is kid sizes -it'd be cute on my boys.


Ooh, you're right, this would look pretty cool on a onesie.


Yeah I would need a Kid's size.


... u know... have you seen ' you me and everone else we know"?... this reminds me of when the little kid says 'u poop in my butthole and i poop in yours... and we poop back and forth..."
if you haent seen the movie, then ill just sound like some pervert... but whatever. ur shirt is awesomeee... $5!.. i hope u winn.


the more i look at it, the more i really like the color combos you really works. i'm also a big fan of the color you made the monstas. that and the inclusion of old-school typewriters makes me squee a little.

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